Minecraft Dungeons: Patch Implements Useful Storage Chest Changes

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Developer Mojang Studios just launched Patch for Minecraft Dungeons, which brings not only the Fauna Faire but also some really nice quality-of-life improvements.

Are you the type of person who always picks up any item or equipment you can find? In a game like Minecraft Dungeons, getting your inventory full is quite easy, thanks to the plethora of loot available.

In that case, there’s a new quality-of-life change in Patch that you might like. From now on, any loot that you pick up when your inventory is full will now appear in the Storage Chest. A message pops up notifying you about this as well.

That’s not all, the Storage Chest now comes with some inventory filter options too, making it easier for you to find the specific items you’re looking for.

This update has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay improvements. You can find some of the best ones below:

QoL Changes

  • Inventory filter options have been added to the Blacksmith screen


  • Tridents no longer fail to trigger lightning when hitting mobs directly
  • Fixed Tridents getting stuck on a player's back if the player died while carrying one
  • Players are now immune to Levitation Shot during their brief invulnerability period after respawning
  • Fixed players having to move around to attempt repicking up a Raid Banner
  • Improved the visual effects of soul gathering
  • Fixed players being unable to break the ice they're trapped in after pressing the ranged attack button
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to duplicate items, emeralds, and gold using the Storage Chest
  • Fixed some instances where player character models would appear grayed out during cutscenes in online multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue that caused players in local co-op to be able to leave the screen and not teleport back
  • Fixed players flying high into the air after being hit by Levitation Shot while falling into frozen water
  • Fixed "kicked" player status not lifting after the player is reinvited by a host playing on Xbox


  • Clients in online multiplayer sessions now get items with the correct power level from merchants and mission drops
  • Removed the ability for Mystery Armor to have two separate ink cloud effects, one of which did not work
  • Bubble Burster enchanted with Burst Bowstring no longer deals instakill damage when wearing Shadow Walker
  • Fixed the enchantment shine on The Starless Night


  • The Refreshment enchantment now triggers properly for every mob killed by explosion damage when using Exploding Crossbow or Fireworks Arrow
  • Key Golems are no longer affected by Void Strike, so players no longer have to wait to pick it up until the effect wears off

Minecraft Dungeons Patch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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