Minecraft Dungeons Celebrates Second Anniversary with Update

Minecraft Mojang Studios

Minecraft Dungeons received an update for its second anniversary. This update brings a time-limited event that features several unique in-game activities. The event only lasts until June 15, so don’t forget to check it out before it leaves the game.

Seasonal Trials

This update also brings Seasonal Trials, and players can get amazing rewards, such as the Sparkler, Sweet Tooth, Sugar Rush, and a new anniversary cape. For players who want a challenge, finish the Tower and get a Baby Moobloom pet upon completion.

Performance Improvements

Nintendo Switch players rejoice! The new update includes stability improvements for the platform, particularly in the 4-player co-op mode. Several other enhancements have been made across platforms to make the game run smoother and experience fewer crashes.

Minecraft Dungeons Update

  • Wildfire Changes:
    • Removed Wildfire passive regeneration
    • Set the initial shield to regenerate after 6 seconds without incoming damage
    • Set shields after to regenerate after 5 seconds
    • Regeneration from fire reduced by 30%
    • A sound effect now plays when a layer of the Wildfire's shield is regenerated
  • Ranged mobs affected by Love Medallion now receive the boosted damage effect
  • Closing the game on the Tower reward screen no longer makes the Camp go dark or cause a partial loss of gamepad input
  • Items like Climbing Gear and Dense Brew now apply the proper resistance to wind
  • Pressing the Teleport button while attacking no longer makes the player repeatedly attack
  • Fixed low-level enchantments like Poison Cloud to properly display poison damage
  • Improved Tower Guard visuals so it's clearer that their shields have Deflect enchantment
The Tower
  • It is no longer possible to bypass the floor reward screen without claiming a reward
  • Fixed up several Tower floors to prevent skipping areas
  • Fixed several ambush events that could be avoided to skip Tower floors
  • Fixed an exploit that could cause Tower floors to be skipped after dying during a boss fight
  • Fixed several input issues that allowed players to get multiple rewards on each Tower floor
  • Removed several invisibles obstacle on the stairs leading to the exit door on multiple Tower floor
  • Fixed balcony walls not having arrow collisions on several floors
  • Fixed an invisible object that broke player pathfinding on a Tower floor
  • Removed an invisible wall near some wind stuff on a Tower floor
  • TNT can no longer be thrown on the reward selection screen

You can read more about the update here.

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