Minecraft Beta Adds New Ally and Updated Touch Controls

Minecraft Beta & Preview -
Minecraft Beta & Preview - Mojang Studios

Minecraft's Update is finally here. In this beta update, the developers have introduced changes and bug fixes.

New Ally

The developers are introducing a brand new ally called Allay, no pun intended. It is a helpful mob capable of assisting players in gathering items while they do other activities like mining and farming. Allay will follow players around if they give it an item to hold. If it grabs something during mining, it will try to give that item to the player. This is a cool new addition for miners, as players frequently drop items and this mob will ensure they get everything they worked hard for.

Updated Touch Controls

Mobile players aren’t left out of this update. They receive some nice changes to the touch controls. The new touch settings have a joystick theme going on and it has updated buttons for jumping, crouching, and sprinting. Players can enable the new touch control schemes on mobile devices by going to Settings > Touch > Enable New Touch Control Schemes.

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Experimental Features
  • If an Allay holds an item it got from a player, it will follow that player
  • The Allay can drop items at nearby Note Blocks
  • When playing a Note Block near an Allay, that Note Block becomes the Allays favorite Note Block for 30 seconds, and the Allay will attempt to drop off items at the Note Block rather than at the player
  • The Allay sometimes spawns in cages next to Pillager Outposts (similar to Iron Golem), and inside Woodland Mansions
Known Issues
  • The Allay may get stuck in a loop collecting and delivering one item from its inventory, especially when similar block types are used (such as regular and red sand)
Deep Dark
  • Changed Sculk Catalyst block to match recent redesign which is described below:
    • A mysteriously soul-emitting block that blooms when mobs die within an 8-block radius
    • Mobs that perish in the presence of the catalyst will not drop their experience
    • Instead, a bubbling charge will be created at the place the mob perished
  • Made some changes to Sculk Sensors to be at parity with Java Edition
    • They now make no activation sound when waterlogged
    • Vibrations are now also occluded by Wool blocks
Darkness Effect
  • A new mob effect unique to the Warden and Sculk Shrieker, which will afflict players with the effect when nearby
  • Lowers the gamma down at an equivalent of “Moody” while having this effect
  • In periodic pulses, will lower the overall brightness of the world so that the darkness creeps up against light sources
  • When the Warden is around, torches will be more important than ever!

You can read more about the update here.

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