Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Update 1.19.70 Improves Emotes and Horse Breeding

Update 1.19.70
Update 1.19.70 Twitter/@Minecraft

The Emote System is improved in the latest patch for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Some tweaks to horse breeding are also implemented.

Improved Emote System

The beauty of Minecraft is that you can create a vast world where you and your buddies can have a good time. That said, using emotes is a fun way to interact with other people, which is why Mojang Studios made the Emote System even better.

For one, a chat string will now be displayed every time you use an emote. This lets your buddies know your reaction to something even if they’re not near you. There’s even a cool Easter Egg if you use the same emote a number of times in succession.

Emote Chat
Emote Chat Mojang Studios

Additionally, the number of emotes that you can place on the Emote Wheel has been reduced from six to four. But you can now use your favorite emotes using hotkeys. Pressing the “B” button on the keyboard or the left button on the controller’s D-pad will open a quick-emote box on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

If you want to learn how many emotes you currently have, you can head to the Dressing Room to find out. Here, you can change which hotkeys correspond to which emote as well.

Horse Breeding

The company also included some changes to horse breeding in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. For instance, breeding horses can now produce random variants. Furthermore, the baby horse now has a chance of getting better stats than its parents in speed, jump, strength, and health.

Patch Notes

  • Horses cannot be pushed over Fences covered by Carpets anymore
  • Ghasts’ sound volume will now fade the further they are from the player
  • Villagers will now emit anger particles when hit by a player outside of a village
  • Fixed a bug where Zombified Piglins would spawn in the Nether in light levels above 11
  • Minecarts can now eject mobs into liquid blocks
  • Witches will now drink a Fire Resistance Potion when standing on a Campfire
  • Bells that are connected to multiple blocks no longer drop when one block is broken
  • Note Block sound attenuation over a distance is now linear
  • Impact sounds of projectiles on Amethyst blocks and clusters are now audible
  • Dead Bush will now drop Sticks when broken with any tool except Shears, even those with the Silk Touch enchantment. Vines will drop nothing in the same situation
  • Archaeology
    • Added the Brush item
    • Added the Decorated Pot block
    • Added four Pottery Shards (Arms Up, Skull, Prize, and Archer)
    • Added the Suspicious Sand block
    • Added Suspicious Sand to the Desert Temple
    • Added Suspicious Sand to the Desert Well
  • Pottery Shards and Decorated Pots
    • Pottery Shards have pictures on them. They cannot be crafted and must be found in the world. Hint: you will need a Brush! By crafting four of these together you can create a Decorated Pot with a picture on each side.
    • You can also use Brick items instead of Pottery Shards in the crafting recipe. The sides that were made from Brick items will not have pictures.
    • Smash a Decorated Pot with any block-breaking tool to break it apart and get the Pottery Shards back! Or hit it with your fist to pick up the pot without breaking it.

You can read the full changelog on the official site.

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