Minecraft: Bedrock Edition New Update Applies Short Sneaking Improvements and More

Update 1.20.10 Mojang Studios

Mojang Studios released a new update for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition that brought some noteworthy improvements, especially to short sneaking.

For those who don't know, short sneaking is a mechanic in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition that allows you to fit into a 1.5-block tall area just by crouching. In Update 1.20.10, the company improved that experience.

From now on, your hitbox height is now reduced to 1.5 blocks while sneaking, making you less likely to be attacked by enemies unless they adjust their attack angle accordingly. Besides that, your character will immediately be in a sneaking position if you get stuck in a gap of less than 1.8 blocks tall. And lastly, you will automatically transition from swimming to sneaking if you're unable to stand up but there's enough room for you to sneak.

Aside from short sneaking improvements, Update 1.20.10 removed the shovel requirement from the Boat recipe. So now, you only need five wooden planks to craft a boat. Furthermore, the Barrel recipe now requires you to use planks instead of sticks. You can still choose your preferred slab, though.


Fixes and Changes

  • General
    • Fixed the "Communication Error" message appearing when leaving a Local Network game as the host on Nintendo Switch
    • Reduce cases where players might see "Unable to connect" errors due to "Expired Auth from Discovery"
  • Gameplay
    • Camera position is now used for audio system listening and ambient sounds
      • Previously the player position and rotation were sometimes used for audio listening
      • This effectively flips audio panning when using "third person front" camera perspective
  • Mobs
    • Farmer Villagers will now interact with Torchflower Seeds and Pitcher Pods. They can pick up the seeds and plant them, but they will not harvest the Torchflower or Pitcher Crop
    • The sound played when a Camel is dashing is no longer played repeatedly
    • Fixed issue with Jump Boost effect not affecting Magma Cubes
    • Fixed Boats on Ice disappearing when Client-Side Chunk-Generation was enabled
    • Mobs are back to normal despawn rate during night
    • Camels now play a walking animation when taking damage while standing still
    • Sniffer can no longer dig up seeds in the air
    • Mobs no longer continue to freeze without Powder Snow if there is a Powder Snow block near the west and north side
  • Items
    • Fixed black pixels being generated on maps when Client-Side Chunk Generation was enabled
    • Shield no longer clips inside the Armor Stand model while in the riposte pose
  • Blocks
    • Polished Basalt and Chiseled Deepslate can no longer be replaced by Sculk during world generation
    • Polished Deepslate can now be replaced by Sculk during world generation
    • Decorated Pots crafted with at least one Sherd now have a hover tooltip displaying the Sherd and Brick ingredients
    • Players without permission to open/close containers can no longer interact with Chiseled Bookshelves

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Update 1.20.10 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PC.

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