Mike Tyson Puts Money On Esports With Fade 2 Karma Investment

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Fade 2 Karma with Mike Tyson
Fade 2 Karma with Mike Tyson F2K

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is making an entry to esports with an investment in Fade 2 Karma. F2K is an esports organization known for its Hearthstone players.

According to an ESPN report, a new streaming facility will be constructed for F2K in Los Angeles near the home base of Tyson Ranch. This new facility is dubbed “The Ranch House” and not only will it have private livestreaming rooms, but also a performance stage for tournaments. It is even planned to have a rooftop party deck. Connected to this new facility is a new entertainment production studio that is expected to be operated by F2K.

The former champion joined the F2K players last week for a livestreaming session which was broadcast on the Twitch channel of Alexandra "Alliestrasza" Macpherson. While it was the first time Tyson played Hearthstone, it was not his first time when it comes to video games.

In the same ESPN report, Tyson said that being with F2K gave him the chance to be with millenials, something that he hasn’t really done. He admitted that he sucked at playing the Hearthstone, but knows that everyone has to start somewhere.

As to the reason why he invested in esports, Tyson revealed that his interest in this industry was mainly due to his son, who is not only a fan of professional esports, but also a gamer himself. Tyson asked his team to look for an opportunity to make waves in the world of esports, and apparently F2K was a perfect fit. According to Tyson, he believes that the future of esports is big.

F2K was founded in July 2015 by German Hearthstone player Tim "Theude" Bergmann. The organization has since expanded to sign competitive players from around the world.

Tyson is not the first big name to invest in esports. Back in April, Will Smith and Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda invested a whopping $46 million in Gen.G. Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has invested in NRG, the team that runs the Overwatch team San Francisco Shock. Other celebrities that have a stake in esports include Ashton Kutcher, Drake, Steve Aoki, and Michael Jordan.

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