Microsoft Plans To End The Console Wars

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While all of us are eagerly waiting to see the next big console launches from Sony and Microsoft, the latter has decided to end the long ongoing war between the two companies. Microsoft says that it is now focused on shifting its business strategy to not only benefits the company, but also gamers across multiple platforms.

Here's Microsft's plan to end the console wars for good:

1. Microsoft is no longer focused on console sales

Microsoft says that the company is completely fine with people not playing their games on Xbox, as long as gamers are buying and playing their games. If you want to play games on PC, console, or mobile, Microsoft is fine with it. The company has taken initiatives to reach out to the crowd across all three platforms through the upcoming Xbox Series X console, a cloud gaming service called Project xCloud, and of course, the Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

2. The Xbox Series X is not a gaming ecosystem

Previously, when a company launched a gaming console, gamers automatically expected exclusive launches and new accessories. This is about to change when it comes to the new Xbox. Microsoft has stated that the new Xbox Series X will play all previous Xbox One games and as well original Xbox and Xbox 360 games that were supported on Xbox One. The new console will also support Xbox One accessories.

3. There is only going to be "Xbox" going forward

According to Microsoft, the row of names only gets ridiculous with newer console releases. The company stated that the Series X is not a new product line, but the name of the latest release under the Xbox brand name.

4. Microsoft has a greater vision of creating Netflix-like service for gaming

Instead of being caught up in the neverending war of consoles, Microsoft is focused on a broader vision that could benefit the entire gaming industry on a bigger level. Up until now, no company has succeeded in creating a comparable service like Xbox Game Pass. Although there are certain streaming services out there that allow people to stream games, nothing comes close to the success Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass has had.

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