Microsoft Flight Simulator Update Changes on Planes and Bug Fixes

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Microsoft Flight Simulator recently received a new update that fixed some bugs and made improvements to the game.

The developer has made a small change to the autopilot system where it will no longer fly to the waypoint set by the player after it's removed from the FlightPlan. Additionally, the plane body parts like flaps, stall, wing, and fuselage have been updated. It includes the cleanup on the flaps system. Check the other changes down below:

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update


  • New AIRAC cycle 2105 has been implemented
  • FAA data has been implemented to our navdata solution
  • Departure gates are now saved in flight plan (.PLN) files
  • Fixed a crash and other issues when selecting a parking space as arrival and no set departure
  • Fixed some Live Air Traffic aircraft using the wrong model
  • Fixed an issue where some Live Air Traffic aircraft had broken callsigns
  • Increased the density of Live Air Traffic
  • Aircraft that are not on the ground but that has an altitude of zero will now appear at a default altitude of 5,000 meters
  • Live traffic stability has been improved
  • ATC phraseology improvements to FAA standards (wording only)


  • Reduced weather data bandwidth
  • Improved precision of live snow coverage
  • “Visual Effect Only” in assistance now does properly deactivate other weather effects
  • “Visual Icing” has been renamed “Icing” in the devmode because it impacts the whole icing system
  • “Icing” in DevMode only changes visual effects if “Visual Effect Only” is activated
  • Ice constant decay is no longer ignored outside of frost conditions
  • Accelerated pitot icing model while making it slower to defrost
  • Fixed pitot icing not scaling with the number of instruments
  • Fixed overspeed controller vibrations not affected by pitot icing
  • Decrease structural icing rate by a factor of 15 for severe icing (6 for moderate)


  • Added altitude interception for PITCH HOLD mode
  • Increased native induced drag amount and improved induced drag precision
  • SimConnect injected traffic (VATSIM, IVAO) should now be displayed in HTML/JS instruments that have traffic displays as well as on the VFR Map
  • Fixed simvar acceleration not taking impacts into account and returning wrong values on the ground
  • Writing back corrected acceleration values after impact resolutions so that they are exact when pulled as a simvar

You can read more about the update here.

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