Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 10 Adds DLSS, Improves DX12 Performance, and More

Microsoft Flight Simulator France/Benelux
Microsoft Flight Simulator France/Benelux Microsoft

Thanks to a recent update, Nvidia RTX owners are about to get a big frame rate boost in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Update 10 has finally added DLSS support to the game, available as an anti-aliasing and upscaling option.

The patch improves the stability, performance, and memory usage of DX12; Nvidia players should notice improvements. However, the benefits of the new memory allocator will be seen after the new driver update goes live.

Every in-game moving boat will now feature a wake effect on PC, but not all boats will be moving. You can check out more of the new features that the update brought below.

New Features
  • DirectX 12 support is currently in development and can show performance and GPU memory utilization regressions compared to DirectX 11. Due to higher GPU memory consumption, the simulator may be oversubscribing memory, which negatively impacts performance. Lowering graphics settings can help avoid this situation in DX12.
  • You can now add secondary windows on the left and right sides of your main window, to enlarge your field of view, especially when you use several monitors. This option can be triggered via the Experimental option menu in game.
  • We implemented a new cloud layer system that will provide more vertical precision at low altitudes to better reflect the various cloud altitudes and thickness close to the ground.
  • We fixed several systems related to the bush trip activities including save system improvements (cross platform/cloud save + autosave from last waypoint/poi), overall progression system improvements and making sure we refuel after each leg completion.
  • The VFR map has been updated to include a number of new quality-of-life features thanks to Working title, as well as add compatibility for the G1000 NXi external flight plan system.
  • The encryption of cfg files for premium and deluxe planes as been removed so the behavior of those aircraft can be modded.
  • A new package ordering system is also available on PC via the Experimental option menu in game. The way the content.xml file used to work has changed and it may impact the behavior of your add-ons, if they were writing directly in this file. Details about the changes can be found on DevSupport’s homepage here 73.
  • A new Spotlight Event landing challenge is available for you to fly, featuring the Cessna Citation CJ4 landing at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. Due to the low cloud cover, this challenge requires the use of ILS in order to successfully land.

You can check out the complete patch notes via the official site.

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