Microsoft Flight Simulator: Hotfix Introduces Crash and Bug Fixes, Yet Game Still Unstable

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A hotfix was deployed for Microsoft Flight Simulator last week that aims to fix the random game crashing. It also implements some bug fixes, including the terrain spike around the LOWI Innsbruck airport, among others.

Hotfix is a 500MB+ update, and while there are no new features, it does come with some welcome crash fixes.

For example, you’ve probably come across an issue where a crash would occur when closing the program, resulting in the game being launched in safe mode the next time you play. This has been a huge problem but the dedicated developers from Asobo Studios have finally fixed this.

Aside from that, the broken night lighting that can manifest when the render scale is not set to 100% is resolved.

Here are the complete patch notes:


  • Fixed broken night lighting when the renderscale was not set to 100%
  • Added Offscreen pre-caching option in the VR menu
  • Fixed some general crashes
  • Fixed the Trim reset button on the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant
  • Safe mode will no longer trigger when a crash occurred when closing the program
  • Missing watermask at Lucerne has been added
  • Color correction for Photogrammetry in Vienna has been tweaked
  • Water crack has been fixed near Moritzburg POI
  • Fixed terrain spike around LOWI
  • Fixed crash with Resync from Aircraft Editor without any aircraft selected

Hotfix is now available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Game is Still Unstable

While the latest update has introduced some crash fixes, those playing on Xbox still experience frequent crashing.

According to user @God97C, they cannot use long-haul flyers on Xbox because it will result in a black screen and then the game would crash. Another user said that Microsoft Flight Simulator would get stuck at various stages when the in-game elements are loading.

One user has given a likely reason why the title would frequently crash on Xbox. According to @scchristopher77, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a resource-heavy game, and the console may just not have enough resources to fully support it. They’ve added that the developers should think about creating two separate code branches, where the Xbox version’s resources can be scaled down considerably.

Anyway, have you downloaded the latest hotfix? If so, are you still experiencing random crashes when playing?

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