Microsoft Adds 13 More Indie Games To Its ID@Xbox Initiative

Microsoft itself used to be just a bunch of independent developers working out of a garage.
ID@Xbox gets a bunch of new indie games.
ID@Xbox gets a bunch of new indie games. Microsoft Studios

Microsoft has added another batch of independent games to its ID@Xbox initiative. The company announced recently that 13 brand new titles will be available through ID@Xbox, and will be unveiled at the upcoming Game Developers Conference next week. These new additions bring the ID@Xbox GDC reveal to 30 independently developed titles, all made possible through the support of Microsoft services.

The new games to come to Xbox through ID@Xbox include Beholder 2 by Warm Lamp Games, CrossCode by Radical Fish Games, Dead Static Drive by Team Fanclub, Door Kickers: Action Squad by KillHouse Games, Mowin’ & Throwin’ by House Pixel Games, StarCrossed by Contigo Games, and Totem Teller by Grinning Pickle.

ID@Xbox also has quite a few titles in store for both Xbox and PC, including Paul Kopetko’s Boomerang Fu, Hyperdot by Tribe Games, Stela by SkyBox Labs, The Forgotten City by Modern Storyteller, UnderMine by Thorium (not to be confused with another upcoming indie game, Cosmocat’s Undermine) and Unrailed! by Indoor Astronaut.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the ID@Xbox Initiative and all the cool stuff they do, check out the video below or visit their website. Microsoft’s been showing so much support for the growing independent gaming industry - probably remembering its roots as a garage-based tech company in the 1970s. In any case, Microsoft enables developers to publish their content with all of the tools and services that would only be available to massive brand like Microsoft.

What do you think about the upcoming indie titles coming through ID@Xbox? Which of these titles are you looking forward to seeing most? What titles do you hope to see make it through ID@Xbox? Let us know in the comments section below!

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