Metroidvania MindSeize Gets A September Release Window For The Switch

The game first release for PC via Humble and Steam.
MindSeize is set to release for the Switch some time in September, as announced by publisher First Press Games.
MindSeize is set to release for the Switch some time in September, as announced by publisher First Press Games. First Press Games

Publisher First Press Games and developer Kamina Dimension have just announced that they will soon be releasing the sci-fi inspired Metroidvania title MindSeize for the Nintendo Switch in fall of 2020. Check out a trailer for MindSeize below.

MindSeize is a single player 2D Metroidvania that follows the adventures of private investigator M.C. Fox. Set in a sci-fi universe filled with exotic and untamed planets, players must guide Fox, who is pursuing a dangerous criminal syndicate called ‘The Ascended’. Their first encounter left the game’s protagonist severely injured and crippled, along with seizing the mind of his daughter Taryn. To exact revenge and continue the chase, Fox must gather an unlikely crew to help him out, as well as connect his consciousness into a robotic body called MAG. It's somewhat similar to the film Avatar’s premise, but with robots instead of the lanky, blue-skinned natives of Pandora.

MindSeize contains four different and unique planets to travel to and explore, all filled with secrets to uncover, flora and fauna to discover, and enemies to encounter and defeat. While journeying across the universe to chase the Ascended, players will be able to buy and find different mods for their MAG such as weapons, armor, and added abilities that will take them one step closer to catching the Ascended and saving their daughter.

The Metroidvania title is Kamina Dimension’s second project. Initially released under Steam Early Access in 2017, it was finally launched on February 8 of this year. Just recently, it released its final major update – update 1.2.0, or Boss Mode – which allows players to battle all the bosses that they’ve already defeated. This update also marks the completion of all planned content set to be added to the game. However, Kamina Dimension has still guaranteed that smaller updates and bug fixes are still set to come.

MindSeize will be available for purchase in September for the Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop and will include support for both English and Japanese language options. Additionally, First Press Games will also be publishing a physical release of MindSeize that can be purchased via its online store.

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