Metro Exodus Isn’t Open World But It’s Bigger Than Predecessors

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Metro Exodus - Aurora
Metro Exodus Deep Silver / 4A Games

We’re finally getting new information on the biggest gameplay changes in Metro Exodus, via Game Informer ’s latest cover story rollout, which reveals the next chapter of Artyom’s story won’t be an open-world experience. But 4A Games says players will explore much larger environments in Metro Exodus than we saw in 2033 or Last Light.

According to GI, Exodus will be the first Metro adventure in which players spend most of their time above ground. The game’s introductory sequence will return to Moscow’s labyrinthine underground railway, but most of the story will unfold out in the wilderness surrounding the city. 4A Games says fans will explore several different sandbox areas -- which sounds an awful lot like Destiny’s destination maps -- but you will see loading screens while traveling between them. Metro Exodus Creative Director Andriy Prokhorov and Executive Producer Jon Bloch also took GI on a brief tour of one zone.

The next Metro also replaces the previous games’ bullet-based economy. Previously, players had to decide whether to use military-grade ammunition in the field or use it as currency at train stations. Exodus replaces that system with a scavenging economy that should be familiar to Fallout or Wasteland fans. It also expands upon the existing combat mechanics, introducing non-lethal takedowns and player-controlled vehicles that can be commandeered during missions. On the narrative front, Artyom is getting a mobile command center, a train called The Aurora, and Metro Exodus will cover about a year in the life of the franchise’s recurring protagonist.

For another sneak peek at Metro Exodus, check out the trailer from the 2017 Game Awards. Then head down to the comments and let us know what gameplay changes you’d like to see when Metro Exodus rolls onto PC and consoles later this year.

Metro Exodus is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game debuts in 2018.

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