'Metal Gear Survive' Launch Price Won't Be $60; Stealth Still A Focus, Says Konami

A few tidbits of new information on Metal Gear Survive are still trickling out of Konami, thanks to the publisher’s presence at gamescom, alongside a handful of screenshots from the first co-op survival game in franchise history. And today’s information should prove a bit more popular with Metal Gear fans than yesterday’s Metal Gear Survive announcement.

According to Polygon, Konami doesn’t plan to charge the standard $60 price for Metal Gear Survive at launch. A final price either hasn’t been decided yet or Konami wasn’t willing to go on record yet; however, the publisher told the gaming news site Metal Gear Survive will be priced “ somewhere in the vicinity of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes at launch. For those who may have forgotten, the Phantom Pain prologue shipped with a $30 price tag .

Elsewhere, Eurogamer managed to pry a few other relatively minor details out of Konami during a private showing of the Metal Gear Survive announcement trailer. Konami brand manager Richard Jones told the site that stealth will be a much bigger focus in Metal Gear Survive than the game’s first trailer might have let on. There will still be plenty of action, especially when groups of soldiers are working together. But Jones says Metal Gear fans can expect co-op stealth missions, too. The brand manager also confirmed we’ll see a variety of structures and other wreckage from Mother Base scattered across the desert.

For an early look at Metal Gear Survive , take a few minutes to watch the announcement trailer published earlier this week and/or check out the image gallery at the top of the page. Then head down to the comments section and share your current thoughts on Metal Gear Survive .

Metal Gear Survive is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is expected to debut in 2017.

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