Merge Mansion: See What's Happening This Month

Merge Mansion July
Time for new adventures. Metacore

Good news to Merge Mansion players! July is here and that means a bunch of new content for everyone to enjoy.

Let's start with Roddy's Mystery happening on July 7. You see, when Roddy organizes a summer camp for the local kids, it's usually in a nearby forest. For this year, Mason joins but he's not allowed to go that far. As such, Roddy has asked permission from Grandma to have the camp in her yard. However, some strange things are happening this year and the camp may be haunted. It goes without saying that Roddy is freaking out and plans to investigate to discover the truth.

Heikki's Sauna

Happening on the same day is Heikki's Sauna, with a lot to do since the sauna is burning. Maddie has no choice but to leave the mansion for now and try to help Heikki to rebuild. This is only part one of the event with the next part arriving on July 27.

To the Sea

On July 14, a new seasonal event begins to make a splash on everyone. Joys of the Sea introduces players to Emilion, a new marine biologist. He's here to learn more about the locals and their ecosystem, and also organize a fishing day to bring everyone together to have fun. For most of the day, it's filled with great catches, yet something unexpected happens: a briefcase and a note in a bottle.

Other Events

While the three events mentioned are indeed exciting, there's more happening this month:

  • The Great Bake Off
    • Leaderboard Event available July 7 to July 10
  • Seasonal Garage Board
    • Mini Event available July 21 to July 23
  • Garage Cleanup
    • Mini Event available on:
      • July 4 to July 7
      • July 11 to July 13
      • July 28 to July 30
  • Nectar Collector
    • Mini Event available July 27 to July 30

Excited about this month?

Merge Mansion is a mystery puzzle game where players help Maddie Boulton uncover the truth about her family's secrets by renovating the neglected family estate owned by her Grandma Ursula. They must match and merge items to bring back the mansion to its former glory while learning more about its sinister past. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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