One Of Steam's Best-Selling Games Lets You Build An Anime Girl To Have Sex With

Koikatsu Party is one of the best-selling Steam games of June 2019.
Adult anime-girl game Koikatsu Party is a Steam best-seller.
Adult anime-girl game Koikatsu Party is a Steam best-seller. ILLUSION

In a series of quality of life updates and improvements to the Steam platform, developer Valve has started to provide its users with a list of the best-selling titles every month. Last June, a contender for best-selling video game on Steam was Koikatsu Party - a game that gives players all the tools they need to design and create their own anime girls, and have sex with them.

Koikatsu Party was developed by Japanese game developer ILLUSION. Koikatsu Party officially released on June 10, and currently retails for $59.99. The game plays more or less like a character creator - providing players with endless customization items to make their anime girl creations unique. Customization items include clothing, height, hair color, accessories, and body type. Of course, Koikatsu Party isn't your typical create-a-character - once players are done making the anime girl of their dreams, the game lets players do all manner of lewd and adult things with their creations.

Koikatsu Party made it to the list of best-selling titles for June, holding its own against some pretty popular titles. Several highly-anticipated and well-received video games launched last June, including My Friend Pedro from Devolver Digital, the PC port of Octopath Traveler, and the new survival RTS They Are Billions which came fresh out of Early Access last month.

Since adult content was greenlit on Steam a while back, we've seen a steady supply of mature games ranging from casual NSFW titles to full-on hardcore sex games. If Koikatsu Party is any indicator, it seems adult content is on the rise for the Steam platform and will continue to thrive as long as Valve's platform policies permit.

What do you think about this recent development about an adult game becoming a Steam best-seller? Do you think Steam should be more strict with regards to their policies, or do you believe that this more open approach to different forms of video game entertainment is beneficial to the community, the industry, or even the world? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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