Medieval Dynasty: Update v1.4.1.5 Gives Players Option to Enable DX12 on PC

Update v1.4.1.5
Update v1.4.1.5 Steam

Update v1.4.1.5 for Medieval Dynasty is now available on all platforms. If you’re playing on PC, you’ll be happy to know that there’s now an option that lets you enable DirectX 12 in the settings.

Medieval Dynasty might run well after you enable Microsoft's latest API, but your results may vary depending on your PC’s hardware.

Another useful feature added in Update v1.4.1.5 is that you can now continue placing furniture and gates without having to select them again in the construction menu. This is one of those things that can help you save a lot of time.

In terms of bug fixes, the problem where an NPC could get stuck between buildings and unable to continue working has been resolved. Furthermore, the issue where structures cannot be upgraded when the building limit is reached has been fixed.


  • Play In Background option to sound settings.
  • New sounds for Candles, Chandeliers and Lanterns.
  • Inventory and memory usage optimizations.
  • Night lighting improvements for low and medium shadow settings.
  • Moose enlarged.
  • Reworked the way achievements are handed out (lowering the possibility of not getting an achievement when the player should get it).
  • Player can now turn on autorun during movement.
  • Smoother camera transition when crouching and stopping crouching.
  • The "Repeat" interaction now only works for gathering animal remains from traps.
  • Waggoner now has sounds for greetings and goodbyes.
  • Picking items with both hands full should now take the same amount of time as with one free hand.
  • Description of quest will now scroll automatically if required on a gamepad.
  • Hide/Unhide HUD with gamepad now can only be done via game menu.
  • Strange behavior of the player's character after completing the quest "Dirty Deed" while riding a horse.
  • Strange behavior of the player's character after switching to the heir while riding a horse.
  • Sometimes the heir is still trapped in the quest dialogue after the quest fails.
  • Weapon holstering when canceling building on alternative 2 on gamepad.
  • Ability to jump while the player was ending the crafting animation.
  • Player get stretched when drunk on a horse.
  • Players right hand was open when crouching and holding a hammer while moving or being idle.
  • NPCs sometimes don't use bridges and walk in the water next to the bridge.
  • Getting or losing zero reputation shows a notification.
  • In field management, selecting the "Clear" option results in a wrong icon.
  • Longer load time for the season change with a large number of orchards.
  • After the skip of the day/season, some chickens stop sleeping on their roosts and sleep on the floor.

Medieval Dynasty Update v1.4.1.5 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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