Medieval Dynasty: Now Available on Next-Gen Consoles; Fall Update Implements Quick Save Button and Other Improvements

Medieval Dynasty
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The survival RPG Medieval Dynasty is now available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Along with its launch is a new patch that adds a lot of improvements and bug fixes.

Developer Render Cube Games added the new quick save button on the game menu in the Fall Update. In addition, holding the interaction button now goes into a loop, so it should act as if the button is being clicked on constantly.

Aside from that, children will now improve their skills as they grow older. This emphasizes rearing them to become more responsible and valuable members of the player’s settlement.

For bug fixes, the issue where the player’s wife stands somewhere on the map and does absolutely nothing has been fixed. On top of that, animal traps should now work as intended.


  • Sounds of eating bread and soup.
  • Trees can now deal damage when falling - friendly NPCs are safe.
  • If the player falls from a certain height or gets hit by a tree he will get knocked out - if not, the fallen player will get up after 5 seconds.
  • Player can get knocked down from a mount if hit by a falling tree or if the mount dies with the player on
  • Physics blending when the player is drunk above and beyond 80%.
  • Player can now trip over and fall while drunk above and beyond 80%.
  • A lot of new ambient sounds for day and night birds. There are 40 different bird species, divided into meadow/forest biomes, seasons (there are different birds in winter) and hours (birds sing more in the morning and evening).
  • Ambient sounds for the cave: music ambient, water drops, and rocks drops.
  • Smooth transitions of attenuation of environmental sounds like winds, rains or birds depending on the type or levels of building/cave/ or being underwater.
  • Reverb of sounds depends on the type or levels of buildings.
  • Sounds of insects. There are 8 different insect species, divided into day/night and meadow/forest biomes.
  • Sometimes the bandits for the "I'm Vengeance" quest were not spawned. Affected saves should be fixed with this update.
  • "Wanted: One-legged, Ankle-Length, Wear Caps" quest can happen in summer and can't be completed.
  • The "The Master Angler" quest gives away too many coins.
  • The "Great Expectations of a Young Builder" quest has bugged text for a single goal.
  • The camera shakes when increasing building levels.
  • No highlighting of modules during Market Stall destruction.
  • Bandits sitting while in combat.
  • Bandits notifying others about player.
  • When the game was saved at 6 pm, the NPCs didn't finish their work after loading.
  • Possibility to get stuck at season skip when starting trade at a certain moment.
  • Predators not engaging players when attacked while chasing prey.

Medieval Dynasty Fall Update is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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