Medieval Dynasty: Update v1.4.1.4 Improves Fence Placement and Gates

Update v1.4.1.4
Update v1.4.1.4 Steam

Putting up fences and placing roads have been improved in Medieval Dynasty Update v1.4.1.4.

In this patch, you can now invert the front of fences during placement. This is a good change, especially if you constantly find yourself putting the fence in the wrong orientation.

Another good change in the latest patch for Medieval Dynasty is that you can now continue placing roads and fences from the last point. This means you can continue where you left off, thus saving you a lot of time that can be spent on other things.

Since Medieval Dynasty is now available on next-gen consoles, Update v1.4.1.4 brought some gamepad improvements as well. For instance, the speed of looking around the environment when using gamepads is now directly tied to FPS. So, if you’re in a place where the frame rate is good, you can expect a smoother experience when exploring the surroundings.

Patch Notes

  • Ability to place roads under already constructed gates.
  • Player can get knocked down after hitting something while mid-air.
  • NPC clothing system - NPCs should now have more variety when starting a new game.
  • Visual improvement of the ghosts of constructed objects.
  • Player get up from ragdoll condition.
  • NPCs start their duties with some time offsets.
  • Animals changing their daily behavior with some time offsets.
  • Alcohol influence on likelihood to trip and fall.
  • Horse and donkey tail physics.
  • The interaction on a gamepad made it difficult to exit workbenches when using the exit option in the radial menu.
  • On control pre-set alternative 2, the player would jump when selecting options in radial menu.
  • Blood is too bright in inspector mode.
  • Furniture and gate rotation works too slow.
  • Slider in dialogues occluded long texts.
  • Looping combat music.
  • If a path to an animal is too long, the player will now teleport to animal instead of walking.
  • When the player is in the middle of picking animation and clicks on a stool, he will sit instantly on it instead.
  • In the heir’s name list, Przebor appears twice.
  • The "Night Hunt" quest is not giving rewards sometimes.
  • Player not being able to shoot after ragdolling in water without exiting the water.
  • The Player is still hitting with fists after the player sat down while holding LMB.
  • Projectiles not bouncing off from stone and iron.
  • Milking goats do restore the durability of the bucket.
  • Incorrect center of mass for cut down trees without leaves.
  • Opening containers while holding the confirm button on the gamepad will result in transferring the first item.
  • Talking to NPCs while holding the confirm button on the gamepad will result in picking the first dialogue option.
  • Unstuck feature not resetting ragdoll velocity.
  • NPCs shaking their heads when trying to rotate by 180 degrees.

So, what can you say about the latest improvements implemented in Medieval Dynasty Update v1.4.1.4?

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