Medieval Dynasty Now Has Photo Mode Thanks to Latest Update

Photo Mode Update
Photo Mode Update Steam

Medieval Dynasty is a beautifully crafted survival RPG and settlement management sim. Despite its serious tone, the game offers you plenty of picturesque scenes that you can marvel at. That’s why, it’s a shame that you cannot take good photos of these scenes, until now.

Render Cube Games, developer of Medieval Dynasty, has launched a new update that finally introduced Photo Mode. This feature, as the name implies, allows you to take stunning pictures of everything that you can see in the game.

Photo Mode can be accessed via the pause menu. Once enabled, you can adjust certain parameters so that you can take good photos, such as field of view, camera rotation, and camera movement type. You can even hide your character so you can put your main subject front and center.

In addition, the latest patch brought some nice improvements to Medieval Dynasty. For instance, there’s a new feature called Fast Build that instantly fills modules with resources you need to build a structure. All you have to do is get the necessary materials first, find a suitable plot of land to place your desired structure on, and then just swing your hammer!

You can read the other notable changes, improvements, and bug fixes below:

  • The wind and rain attenuation and reverb in buildings both depend on the number of walls and the roof that the building has and on materials used.
  • All liftable items now have their own unique sounds for picking them up from the ground.
  • New sounds for consuming edible items.
  • Bedtime sounds for NPCs and the Player.
  • Footstep sounds for a Dolby Atmos setup.
  • Improved and optimized animal ragdolls.
  • In an orchard, the middle section is cleared, not the entire area.
  • Vegetation quality improvements.
  • Increased field size for the "Craft More/Buy scheme" input.
  • Numerous UI improvements (main menu, inputs, icons).
  • New "on hover" behavior in various menus.
  • The widower NPC loses his children on loading the game.
  • Sickle of contention and Rajmunds cane can be equipped in quickslots.
  • NPCs who were sitting on the bench sit mid-air after removing furniture in the tavern.
  • Poppy flowers in the field disappear in the distance.
  • Hives in the apiary have an incorrect rotation.
  • Sometimes NPCs can't get to the workbench and just stand idle.
  • Quest NPCs reacting to a snowball hit.
  • Bandits stay in place, not approaching or looking at the player.
  • Astrid (special NPC) just died the day she turned 60.
  • Herald or exotic goods vendor is in a town without a tavern.
  • Possible fix for NPCs stuck halfway in the ground.
  • Alwin's buggy questline.
  • Family quests now don't use the Player's NPCs in them (apart from the family)
  • Wolf growling sounds while running are too frequent.
  • Key binding buttons in the options don't react on mouse hover.
  • Save and Load menu buttons don't react on mouse hover.

Medieval Dynasty Photo Mode update is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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