Medieval Dynasty: Beta Update Adds New Dialogue Sounds, More Break Slots for Hunters

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A beta update is now available for Medieval Dynasty. Update contains mostly optimizations and improvements, though Render Cube Games added 10 new dialogues and additional break slots for hunters in the hunting lodge as well.

Overall game performance is likely better in this update thanks to the graphics rendering and memory optimizations. Saving and loading games may be more stable now too.

There are also some nice bug fixes. The compass is now working properly even when you are mounted. The interaction UI is expected to update correctly when opening chests.

Things that are not supposed to happen in the middle of activities have been fixed. For instance, you can no longer loot items when skinning. Furthermore, strange head movements that could sometimes occur when crafting have been resolved.

Beta Update Highlights

  • New dialogue sounds (together 10 new voice colors): including Farewell, first time greeting, Greeting, Vendor
  • Break slots for hunters in the hunting lodge
  • Compass working incorrectly when mounted
  • Torch not usable while holding a sickle
  • Interaction UI not updating correctly when opening chests while holding interaction key
  • Animals not keeping their name after growing up
  • No input on a gamepad for building rotation
  • Unassigning notification if NPCs is unassigned from nothing
  • When road is blocked by no permission, the icon is not darker
  • Inventory selected item changes when consumed item adds another item to inventory
  • During crafting empty bottles are not returned to inventory
  • The quality of the player's character mesh sometimes changes in camera view
  • Doubled penalty to reputation for stealing items
  • Mount couldn’t use running/sprinting speed when the player starts moving during the mounting animation
  • Player not being able to close quick slot menu using left or right mouse button while mounted
  • Strange head movement sometimes appearing when stopping or finishing crafting
  • Stopping animations not applying correctly
  • Player was able to loot items while skinning
  • Save and Load optimizations
  • Rendering optimizations
  • Memory optimizations
  • Notification sound for shooting in archer target
  • Improvements to the effect of snow on the ground
  • Adjusted speed of young and small husbandry animals
  • Equipped items condition is now displayed in the same way in both inventory and quick slot menu
  • Transfer, drop, sell, and buy slider now have clickable buttons for increasing or decreasing amount
  • Sorting items now no longer change selected item to first on the list

Take note that this is still a beta update so some things are subject to change before the final version. To download this update, you must right-click the game on your Steam library, select Properties, and go to the BETAS tab.

Then, input MedievalStaging as the access code, press Check Code, then select the “release_build_staging” option in the drop-down menu. The beta patch should now download if the above steps are followed.

Medieval Dynasty Beta Update is now available on PC.

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