This May Hitman 2 Wants You To Do Some Spring Cleaning And Take Out A Stowaway

May content is here.
May content is here. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 is doing some spring cleaning as it officially revealed its content for May. There’s not much offered compared to recent months, but hopefully it’s enough reason to play, and of course, stay at home. There’s three specials offered this month which are Featured Contracts, Elusive Target Reactivation, and Curated Contracts.

This month’s Featured Contracts is all about Spring Cleaning. Developer IO Interactive said in a post that they asked the “community to dust off their controllers and keyboards and start cooking up some Spring Cleaning related contracts. Ten of these Featured Contracts are then going to be made available to all players by May 7. It should be interesting to see what the community thinks spring cleaning is all about.

A week later on May 15, Hitman 2 is then going to release the Elusive Target Reactivation. This month is all about The Stowaway and the target is one Jimmy Chen. While there are many cynical tabloid journalists, Jimmy stands on top of everyone as he literally kills when it comes to a good story. For this mission, players not only need to eliminate him, but also have to recover his dictaphone. It goes without saying that players need to proceed with extra caution. This target in particular has some unique behavior and reacts when he detects your presence.

As a reminder, Reactivated Elusive Targets can only be accessed by players that didn’t get to attempt them the first time they were available. Once this contract is active, players have 10 days to complete it.

Next we move on to Curated Contracts and the Curator for this month is Urben.The Hitman 2 community is more than familiar with him, especially when it comes to creativity and execution. Urben also serves as a moderator not only on the Hitman Forum, but also on Discord. Players with keen eyes should be able to find him in Haven Island as an NPC. He was added as a reward for being the Assassin Champion on PC.

Finally, the May update wouldn't be complete with some announcement for the IOI Monthly Episode. Happening at the end of this month, this is going to be the 14th episode and will feature devs mainly talking about the June Content Calendar.

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