Hitman 2 Has You Take On A Fool’s Gambit This April

Here's what's happening this April.
Here's what's happening this April. IO Interactive

We’re a week into April, which means there’s new content arriving in Hitman 2. There’s really not much offered this month, but it’s still exciting. There’s the Featured Contracts, which is all about the Fool’s Gambit, there are two Elusive Target Reactivation and Curated Contracts also coming this month, and finally, there is, of course, the monthly update.

Let’s start with the Featured Contracts. This isn’t an actual mission, not yet for now anyway. This is where Hitman 2 asks the community to come up with contracts, or challenges, with the best ones then being included in the game for all players to enjoy. For this month, the theme is “Fool’s Gambit” and is about one of the things April is known for: April Fool’s Day. The submissions are actually closed, so just head on over to the game as the chosen contracts go online today, April 8.

There’s going to be two Elusive Target Reactivations, with the first one going online on April 10. Titled The Politician, the target is the New Zealand tycoon Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating, who was also the former Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs. Her actions have resulted in her getting a body double, so be sure that you have the correct target before going for the kill. Don’t take too long to decide since there are only 10 days available to complete the mission.

The second is known as The Serial Killer. While the actual identity of this target is unknown, the discovery of two new victims appear to give a clue that he may be somewhere in Whittleton Creek. Like with the first one, there’s only 10 days to complete the mission. Players who are successful will earn the Suburban Suit with Gloves upon completion.

For Curated Contracts, the Curator this month is KevinRudd, who is well-known in the community, particularly on the Hitman Forum and Reddit. He has been known to come up with some mind-puzzling, but humorous, contracts. His contracts can be accessed in-game beginning on April 16. For those who don’t know KevinRudd, Hitman 2 is going to have a Community Focus later this month to know more about him.

Finally, the IOI Monthly steam continues this month. The one scheduled for last March was postponed due to the ongoing health crisis. The stream is initially scheduled for April 28, though the team at Hitman 2 said that remains uncertain and may change.

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