Hitman 2 Assures Players Updates Will Continue

Safety first.
Safety first. IO Interactive

The threat of the Coronavirus has resulted in a lot of disruption in the gaming community. Events have been cancelled, with esports competitions experiencing the same fate. Hitman 2 developer IO Interactive assured players not to worry as live games are going to continue updating.

In a statement, IO said that last week they took the needed steps to ensure that the health of its team at both Malmo and Copenhagen are protected. With this, they put in place a plan that had a majority of the employees working from home.

IO admitted that this is going to be challenging for some as they need both the tools and infrastructure in place to keep things working. Thus, those who are unable to work from home are allowed to work from the studios. IO assured players that they "don't expect this shift to working remotely will have an impact on the live games that we are managing."

March Content

If you've been following updates in Hitman 2, the March content calendar has a rather lean offering. The Lucky Break Features Contracts was released on March 5. Meanwhile, the Elusive Target Reactivation started on March 13 with The Appraiser. While this mission has only one target, there are two objectives that need to be met and 10 days to do so. Curated Contracts, on the other hand, goes live today. This month, the chosen curator was none other than TheCurator.

While that pretty much wraps up the March content, the IO Interactive livestream returns this month for its 13th episode. This live stream is going to reveal the April content schedule along with who's going to take the lead in the new Contract Showdown. IO Interactive is on March 26 and can be viewed either on Twitch or Mixer.

Hitman 2 was released in 2018 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While it is the seventh game in the series, it serves as the sequel to the Hitman game launched in 2016. Upon release, the game received generally positive reviews, with many critics citing its improvements compared to its predecessor. The game had two expansions released. The first DLC was released in June 2019 and is set in a bank in New York City. The second one is on an island in the Maldives and launched in September 2019.

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