'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Glitch Fix Plans Coming Next Week

Bug fix plans for Mass Effect: Andromeda are coming next week
Bug fix plans for Mass Effect: Andromeda are coming next week BioWare

Mass Effect: Andromeda may be really fun to play, but it’s also a really buggy game. There’s no denying that BioWare has work to do now that the game has released to smooth out some of the wrinkles. BioWare has released a statement saying the developers are aware of many of the issues thanks to feedback, and will announce plans to fix these problems next week.

In a tweet from the BioWare official Twitter account, the company announced that the “immediate plans” for providing ongoing support will be revealed on Tuesday, April 4. BioWare is also looking for even more feedback from players, so keep sending in those reports if you find any problems.

While these plans will largely revolve around animation glitches and framerate problems, there’s also a chance new features will get added as well. Some commonly requested features include a storage area to hold onto items without having to scrap them, the ability to travel directly to the Tempest from a hub area and a reduction of the travel animations when moving from planet to planet and system to system.

It doesn’t seem likely that BioWare will be taking this time to announce any upcoming DLC. There are DLC packs planned, like previous Mass Effect games, but this announcement seems like it will just focus on support for the base game.

So what do you think? What’s the biggest problem you’ve had that you would like to see BioWare address? How have you been enjoying Mass Effect: Andromeda so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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