Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer: Will Iwan Rheon Ever Shut Up?

Ramsay Bolton loved to hear himself talk and so does Maximus.
The Inhuman Royal Family.
The Inhuman Royal Family. Marvel

Ramsay Bolton loved to hear himself talk and so does Maximus, who appears to be the big bad of Marvel’s Inhumans, if this new trailer is any indication. Iwan Rheon also played a brutal villain in Game of Thrones until he was eventually taken prisoner and eaten alive by a pack of dogs. So far, we can only hope he suffers the same fate in Inhumans because his character appears to be just as much of an annoying power-hungry scumbag.

While a 30-second teaser and some leaked footage have been circling the web, ABC has finally released the official trailer ahead of the TV show’s IMAX premiere in September. The trailer is largely narrated by Maximus, who urges the Inhuman Royal Family leader Black Bolt to move the civilization down to Earth because of some sort of impending threat to Attilan, which resides on the moon. Maximus holds Queen Medusa captive and goes after Black Bolt, but the king is whisked away by his huge teleporting guard dog, Lockjaw. The pair arrives in the streets of Hawaii where Black Bolt gets into an altercation with law enforcement. What happens next Marvel is saving for the theaters.

Maximus was nicknamed Maximus the Mad in the comics, and attempted to take over the Inhuman throne multiple times. The series seems to be following the same path. Maximus is a master of deception, aided by his mind-control abilities that are often hampered by mental instability. His psychic powers give him quite a dangerous way with words on top of his genius-level intellect.

As you can see from the costumes alone, the series is also taking a weirdly grounded tone and it will be interesting to see how viewers receive it compared to other Marvel shows such as Luke Cage or Daredevil or Agents of SHIELD. All footage so far has gotten a lackluster response and this trailer didn’t really provide any areas excitement, aside from the fat flying dog.

The fact that the lead of the show, Black Bolt, does not speak and can only communicate telepathically with Medusa will also be an interesting dynamic. There’s not many shows where the most powerful character doesn’t interact with the supporting cast. It’s an obstacle that could make or break the reviews.

Get to know the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family here and check back for more updates on Inhumans later this month at San Diego Comic Con.

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