Marvel’s Avengers Now Faces the Threat of the Cosmic Cube

A new threat has been revealed.
A new threat has been revealed. Square Enix

A new major threat is arriving and once again it’s up to Marvel’s Avengers to put a stop to it. This time it’s in the form of the Cosmic Cube at the hands of none other than Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini. It all begins tomorrow, June 24, until July 8.

The Cosmic Cube was first introduced to the Marvel universe through Tales of Suspense #79 back in July 1966. This item is truly powerful and can control both matter and energy. In the game, the signs were there during Operation: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect. It turns out the new weapons project being undertaken by Advanced Idea Mechanics was the Cosmic Cube.

The new Cosmic Cube story follows from Operation: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect. It also prepares for the arrival of the new expansion Black Panther – War for Wakanda, launching in August.

New Villain Section

The fight for control of the Cosmic Cube is available through a new Villain Sector dubbed as “Beating the Odds.” Considering the power of this weapon, the Avengers need to use their heroic powers and wit to neutralize the threat. Players can try to beat the Scientist Supreme solo or as a team composed of four members.

To play Beating the Odds, players need to have a Hero of Power Level 35+. Rewards to be earned include:

  • Intro Mission Chain Rewards
    • 1 Hero Set gear
      • PL100 and under: Epic gear
      • PL100 and above: Legendary gear
      • 1 DNA Key
      • 3 Polychoron
      • 1 piece of gear that has its quality scaled to your Power Level
  • ​Weekly Mission Chain Rewards
    • Gear depending on Power Level
      • Under PL80: 2 pieces of gear that have their quality scaled to your Power Level
      • PL80+: 2 pieces of Surging Set Legendary gear
      • PL120+: Chance at Tachyon Exotic gear
      • 15 Polychoron
      • 1 DNA key
      • 1 piece of gear scaled to your Power Level
  • Repeated Completions (Missions Chains already completed)
    • 1 piece of gear that has its quality scaled to your Power Level

New Cosmic Threat Event

Also from June 24 to July 8, there is the limited-time Cosmic Threat event. In this one, players need to look for Cosmic energy trails caused by the Cosmic Cube. There are special missions to finish and the rewards are:

  • Minor Missions (Total of 8, 1 Themed Per Hero)
    • These require the use of specific Hero abilities or the completion of general objectives.
    • Completing these missions reward the themed Hero with scaling quality gear if that Hero is below PL 120. If that Hero is PL 120+, players are rewarded with a Tachyon Exotic.
  • Major Mission - A Cosmic Threat
    • This mission requires players to:
      • Beat the new Villain Sector
      • Defeat a large number of enemies in Cosmic Threat Sectors
      • Deal Cosmic damage.
    • Rewards for the mission are:
      • The new animated team nameplate
      • If the Hero being played is PL120+, players get 1 Tachyon Exotic for the melee/ranged slots and 1 Tachyon Exotic for the Defense/Heroic slots.
      • If the Hero is under PL 120, players receive gear that scales in quality to their heroes PL. Players need to make sure they’re playing the Hero they want those rewards on.

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