Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Infinity Stones Explained

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marvel vs capcom infinite infinity stones
The Infinity Stones play a big role in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite's battling. Capcom/Player.One

One of the new features in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite are the inclusion of the Infinity Stones. These six stones of immense power can control different aspects of life and death and they play a big role in the story of MvC: Infinite.

But we’re not here to talk about the story — each Infinity Stone can be chosen after your team of two is selected. Each stone has two different functions that can be accessed with a push of a button.

The first is the Infinity Surge, which is the default power of each Infinity Stone. At the start of each battle, your Infinity gauge will be about half-filled and you can use the Infinity Surge as long as you have a gauge.

By pressing the Left bumper on your controller, you can unleash the Surge. Each use will drain a little of the Infinity Gauge.

The second function is called the Infinity Storm , which can be activated by pressing the left and right bumper when the Infinity Gauge reaches passed the line shown on the screen. This will activate a new state for your character and will drain your gauge the longer it is active.

Players can build up the Infinity Gauge in the same way as they build up their Hyper Gauge, which is by hitting and being hit.

Check out each Infinity Stone and their specific Surges and Storm powers in the video below.


The Power Stone’s Infinity Surge unleashes a powerful attack that bounces the opponent of the wall. This can allow for players to hit them with follow-up attacks and combos.

This Stone’s Infinity Storm raises your attack power and every hit will smash the opponent backward.


The Mind Stone’s Infinity Surge throws a nearby opponent and temporarily renders them immobile, ripe for a huge combo or Hyper Attack.

It’s Infinity Storm allows for your hyper combo gauge to fill continuously no matter how many times you perform a super or hyper combo.


The Soul Stone’s Infinity Surge leeches vitality from the opponent, even at a distance. So if you’re low on health, be sure to unleash this power to gain some back.

The Infinity Storm power calls your partner to fight with you, even healing them if they were knocked out. This is by far one of the strongest Infinity Stones in the game and can allow for both you and your partner to unleash super moves at the same time.


The Time Stone’s Infinity Surge allows for players to moves a set distance at super speed, it even allows them to move through projectiles and the opponent.

The Infinity Storm enables quick combos into other attacks when you land a hit.


The Infinity Surge for the Reality Stone launches a projectile attack that homes in on the opponent. It’s slow-moving so it’s great to keep your opponent’s attention on it while you go in for a close-ranged attack or combo.

The Infinity Storm for the Reality Stone launches different elemental attacks depending on the button pressed.


The Space Stone’s Infinity Surge drags the opponent a set distance toward you. This is great to combat those who want to keep their distance and throw projectiles from across the screen.

It’s Infinity Storm seals the opponent in a force cage, restricting their movement while allowing you to get to them freely.

So which of the Infinity Stones do you think is the most powerful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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