Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: First Wolverine Gameplay Footage

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Wolverine gets his own gameplay trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.
Wolverine gets his own gameplay trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Team Ninja

We are back with another gameplay footage trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, and this time it features everyone’s favorite mutant, Wolverine.

This week has been a loaded one for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, as the gameplay overview was released at the start of the week. This was followed by the official reveal of Miles Morales last Tuesday and Spider-Gwen yesterday, all from Game Informer’s extensive exclusive on the Nintendo Switch title.

You can check out the latest Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order gameplay footage starring Wolverine below, which showcases his powers and abilities.

This new gameplay footage is pretty straightforward, with Wolverine fighting off some thugs alongside Captain Marvel, Captain America and Black Widow. Of course, Wolverine also shows off some his move set, which you can see below:

Claw Strike - Wolverine slashes forcefully with both sets of claws, then finishes with one last big slash.

Adamantium Assault - Wolverine jumps and performs a spinning uppercut that draws enemies closer and slices them to pieces.

Berserker Barrage - Wolverine jumps forward while spinning and slashing at anything in his way. Players can hold the attack button to aim this attack.

Primal Rage - Wolverine get angry. His attack power increase for a short time and he glows with rage.

In addition to this. Wolverine has an innate healing factor which makes him work best in a tank role. He’s suited for up close and personal brawls, while his berserker barrage allows him to set up his movement across the battlefield. If you have Wolverine in your team, he’s kind of an off-tank that deals a lot of damage in-between his moveset.

Wolverine in the comics is known as James “Logan” Howlett, born with the mutant ability to regenerate his health at an incredible pace. It wasn’t always like that, though. Wolverine was born a sickly child, until his innate mutant ability woke up and changed everything. He spent some time wandering the world as a young adult, before being kidnapped by the Weapon X project, where he was subjected to experimentation involving Adamantium. He eventually broke free, and found himself a home and a family in the X-Men.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is set to be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch this July 19, 2019.


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