Marvel Contest of Champions is Bringing Two Champions This March

Will mutants rise or fall?
Will mutants rise or fall? Kabam

It’s going to be an exciting month in Marvel Contest of Champions. That’s because this March, two Champions are joining the fight. Prepare to meet Captain Britain and the Omega Sentinel.

In Battlerealm, there has been a concern as to who gets to lead the mutants. The Grandmaster and Captain Britain have brought together different warring mutant factions of Krakoa, Clan Akkaba, and The Brotherhood of Mutants, to be part of a tournament to determine who becomes the leader. Problems arise when a mutant-hunting foe comes to the scene.

The Two Champions

Who are these two Champions? The first is Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock. She initially took on the name Psylocke and fought alongside the X-Men while her brother was the one who held the title of Captain Britain. After years of being trapped in the body of the assassin Kwannon, she was able to regain her original form and take over the role of Captain Britain. Her mutant abilities allow her to fight enemies using telepathy, telekinesis, and potent psionic weapons.

The second Champion is the Omega Prime Sentinel known as Karima Shapandar. For those not familiar with mutant lore, Omega Prime Sentinels are humans that have been augmented with Sentinel technology and turned into cyborg sleeper agents. They transform into mutant-killing machines once they detect a mutant is nearby. Karima Shapandar, in particular, has long been struggling between the Sentinel protocols that would make her kill and the human instinct to serve and protect. However, her Sentinel side won over her humanity, and as Omega Sentinel, she serves as the ultimate Human-Sentinel-Hybrid, enforcing the will of Nimrod and hunting mutants.

Game Update V34.0

The two Champions arrive in the game courtesy of game update V34.0. One of the new events is Act 7, Chapter 4, titled "Kangdom Come." In this one, Kang finds himself face to face with an alternate timeline version of none other himself. This new Superior Kang quickly has started a campaign to control the whole of Battlerealm. Carina now must rally her allies in the hopes of defeating this alternate timeline terror. This new content arrives later this month.

Learn more about this new update here.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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