Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC: Donkey Kong Joins The Fray

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Donkey Kong comes to Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle.
Donkey Kong comes to Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle. (c) Ubisoft

Ubisoft recently announced the first DLC for Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle , one of our favorite games of last year, and it's going to add Donkey Kong as a playable character. You can check out the reveal trailer below:

"When we first started working on Donkey Kong as a new character for a new story of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, we started to think about how he would impact the battle system," said Davide Soliani, Creative Director at Ubisoft Milan, in a post on the official Ubisoft website. "He has big arms, so we wanted to use them extensively through the combat. And he's a gorilla, so it makes sense for him to have more mobility options."

In addition to Donkey Kong’s singular ape physique, Soliani thought Donkey Kong’s quirky, fun-loving personality would make a great match with the playable characters already present. "He's not just a powerful character," Soliani said. "He can also be very goofy, and that's why his presence in the game, along with the Rabbids, allowed us to present different kinds of humorous interactions in the storytelling."

Mario+Rabbids composer Grant Kirkhope will return to compose new music for the DLC’s banana-loving star. "Grant, apart from being a great composer, was also in charge for the music of Donkey Kong 64," said Soliani. "We tried to find new sources of musical inspiration for the story while simultaneously staying true to the themes from the Donkey Kong universe that players already love."

The upcoming Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC will be available this spring 2018 as a part of the Season Pass. It will also be available as a standalone purchase, though Ubisoft has not revealed more details at this time. The only other thing we know about the upcoming DLC is that it will feature “an original story and a new world,” but considering the attention to detail and level of care Milan Ubisoft has put into the base game, we’re expecting great things.

What do you think of the Great Ape’s addition to Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle? Are you excited to wreak havoc with Donkey Kong? Do you still remember the full Donkey Kong 64 rap? It’s the first member of the D.K. crew… Let us know in the comments section below.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
A Triumph Of Fun, Wonder And Whimsy
Some of the most fun you’ll have this year. A must-have for tactics fans, Mario fans and those curious to see how the Rabbids play in the Super Mario sandbox.
  • Rabbids are bwaaaahdorable
  • Mario and Mushroom Kingdom feel authentic
  • Vibrant, colorful worlds
  • Incredible soundtrack
  • Challenging yet accessible combat
  • Lots of collectibles
  • Filled with charm and good humor down to the smallest detail
  • Fixed camera happens too often
  • Box sliding puzzles can get tedious
  • Movement controls are fussy
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