Manifold Garden Coming Out May 20 to PS5

Get to enjoy improved features.
Get to enjoy improved features. Wiliam Chyr Studio

The PlayStation 5 version of Manifold Garden is dropping on May 20. Once released, those who already have the PS4 version can get the upgrade for free.

Manifold Garden was first released on PC back in October 2019. Ports for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch were later launched in August 2020. By November 2020, the version for Xbox Series X/S came out.

The game is set in a universe where physical laws are quite different. That means players can, among others, manipulate gravity and turn walls into floors. To progress, players need to solve puzzles by using devices and the world’s geometry. As a guide, the world’s tone takes a color depending on what direction the players manipulated gravity.

The PS5 version is set to run at native 4K at 60 FPS and, of course, loads very fast. Manifold Garden Developer and Designer William Chyr shared in a post that for those who want to load the game even faster, they can simply “Resume” from an activity card and be able to play the game within five seconds. He added that the game also supports the Official Game Help feature for those who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

Like other games ported for PS5, this one takes advantage of the haptic feedback offered by the DualSense wireless controller. Chyr related that because of this, they were able to ensure that the game was even more immersive. For example, when players open a door that’s located a bit far, they should be able to feel a faint pulse. Another example is that when a laser moves from one side to another, players should also feel the direction of the laser.

New Collaboration

Chyr announced that they will have a collaboration with iam8bit for the PS5 version. Those who buy the game from the store, priced at $29.99, not only get a copy of Manifold Garden but also brand new cover art and even an exclusive pop-up card. There’s also the soundtrack that comes in a 2xLP Vinyl set with its very own gatefold pop-up. The soundtrack is offered at $44.99.

Get your extra goodies.
Get your extra goodies. Wiliam Chyr Studio
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