PS5 April Update Introduces New Storage Options and Social Features

New features are here.
New features are here. PlayStation

PlayStation 5 launched its first-ever major system software update, which comes with improvements and new features. The main highlights are storage expansion and new social features.

Before we take a closer look at those two, let’s start with the new stuff arriving in the PlayStation App. For one, it’s now much easier to connect to the console remotely. This new feature joins a host of other features already introduced to the app.

In a post, Sony Interactive Senior Vice President Hideaki Nishino revealed that they’ll be releasing even more new features over the coming weeks. These include being able to join a multiplayer session on PS5 using the app, as well as sorting and filtering products shown in the PlayStation Store.

Storage Expansion and Management

The new update now allows players to store PS5 games on compatible external USB drives. This extends the storage capabilities of the console. Once they’re ready to play, the games can then be copied back to the internal storage. According to Nishino, reinstalling games from USB extended storage is faster compared to downloading them again or even copying from a disc. Besides, games that are copied or transferred back to the internal storage automatically update when applicable.

A new way to store games.
A new way to store games. PlayStation

Nishino reminded everyone that games have to be reinstalled since they can’t be played directly from the USB extended storage. This is because they have been designed to make full use of the ultra-high-speed SSD of PS5. Though, games can’t be downloaded directly to extended storage.

New Social Features

The new update now allows PS4 and PS5 players to Share Play together while chatting in parties. What this means is that PS5 players can now let friends on PS4 view their game screen. The friends on PS4 consoles can even try the PS5 games using Share Play.

Better gaming experience with friends.
Better gaming experience with friends. PlayStation

There’s also a selection of friends’ joinable game sessions that appear on both PS5 and PS4. With this, players should have more chances of playing together. A “Request to Join” option is now available and it serves as a shortcut to sending a game invite. Meanwhile, a Privacy Settings menu allows players to modify who they can interact with.

Read all about the new things that arrived with the new update here.

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