Make Videos Easily With These Four Video Editing Software Options From Amazon

Edit your videos easily.
Edit your videos easily. Amazon

Gamers nowadays no longer simply play video games and oftentimes stream their games. This allows them to connect with the community while also making significant income. In fact, some professional esports players have agreements that require them to stream their games a certain number of hours per month.

There are those who go the extra mile and instead of simply streaming the video games they play, eventually come up with new content. Fortunately, shooting and editing videos is fairly easy nowadays especially with available video editing software options. Here are four such programs you can buy from Amazon.

VideoStudio Ultimate 2019

VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 has the power to deliver beyond expectations. It allows you to build, edit, and correct video with its quality tools. It comes with more than 2,000 effects, titles, filters, and seamless transitions. This version includes Premium effects from newbluefx, ProDAD and Boris FX. Other exclusives offered in this version include new dynamic split screen videos, color grading controls, and custom text masks. Develop your skills with learning resources and improve your videos.

Tell you story.
Tell you story. Amazon


Even without any prior experience in video editing, VideoDirector makes things easy. Indeed, the intuitive and modern design ensures that creating videos is not only simple, but also fun. The software works with most video, audio and photo formats. With this you can cut, trim, merge, rotate, and split your material. In addition, it offers at least 600 filters, text, music, and effects.

Turn creative ideas to videos.
Turn creative ideas to videos. Amazon

Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate guarantees that you are going to edit your latest video like a pro. It comes fully loaded with an advanced editing suite and is Pinnacle's most full-featured and fastest video editing application released to date. You can edit an unlimited number of tracks in HD and 4K. With the new color grading technology and stunning effects, you can transform every production into colorful motion pictures.

Edit like a pro.
Edit like a pro. Amazon

VEGAS Pro 16

With the VEGAS Pro 16, you get to experience the revolution in video and audio editing. This software allows you to focus on making sure that your creativity comes to light. It even helps increase your productivity. The combination of the disc authoring, audio editing, and video editing ensure that you deliver results in record time. VEGAS products have long been known for their intuitive operation and this newest version combines that with new features like dynamic interaction between Storyboard and timeline modes, native image stabilization and motion tracking. Included as well are the Bezier masking ofx plug-in and MAGIX efx audio plug-ins.

Experience the revolution.
Experience the revolution. Amazon
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