The Magical Mixture Mill: Second Major Update Introduced New Workstations and More

The Magical Mixture Mill Glowlight Games

Developer Glowlight Games released a new and sizable patch for The Magical Mixture Mill. Update 2 introduced another three tiers of workshop sizes, allowing you to build a workshop four times bigger than the current one.

Another noteworthy addition is the Summoner Crate, a new workstation in The Magical Mixture Mill that can summon resources from the Import Storage or Chests. But for this thing to be up and running, you will need the new Arcane-O-Coil as well. This transforms mixtures into Arcane Power, used as a power source for the Summoner Crate.

For gameplay improvements, the company wanted to emphasize that brewing and selling potions should be the main source of income in-game. As a result, the resources required for creating potions have now become more affordable, while the value of higher-tier potions has increased.

Also, to prevent you from accidentally halting the potion-making process, resources inside workstations are grayed out on the UI to better indicate that they cannot be removed during production.

Patch Notes

New Content

  • Advanced Importing
    • The maximum daily import amount has been raised.
    • Import prices increase the more you import.
    • Imports can be toggled to be repeated daily.
    • Import expenses are no longer paid when the import order is made. Instead, coins are deducted at the end of the day.
    • Sticks are now a baseline import. This should reduce tree grind.
  • New Investment
    • Emporium Exoticum
    • King's Tavern


  • Investment Overhaul
    • Bob has retired from his blacksmithing business
    • Yeast importing is now unlocked from the tavern tier II investment.
    • All insect ingredients can now be unlocked for importing through the herbalist tier II investment.
  • Resources inside Workstations that are in production are grayed out in the interface to better indicate they can not be removed.
  • Connection Mode now has on-screen help text to make it easier to connect workstations.
  • Connection paths now transport resources a tiny bit faster so the Rusher Crate can run more smoothly.
  • Dismantling a workstation now triggers a prompt.
  • Moving a workstation that has connections now triggers a prompt.
  • You can now remove resources from a workstation when they are not running a production.
  • Changed the way geodes work. It is no longer possible to force them to make diamonds by clever use of game mechanics.
  • We have simplified and toned down the Outskirts music to make it less dominant.
  • Build Mode UI: It should now be more obvious when you do not have enough resources to build a Workstation.
  • Settings: Resolution is now locked when playing in borderless windowed mode.

In The Magical Mixture Mill, Griselda, a mushroom-loving witch who is best known for her performance-enhancing concoctions, is going to retire soon. She is looking for a worthy successor who will run her successful potion-making business and you are the perfect candidate!

The main gist of this game is to harvest resources and create an automated production line that creates potions for local heroes, assisting them in their epic quests. Do you think you can run the business better than Griselda ever could?

The Magical Mixture Mill Update 2 is available on PC.

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