It’s Your Chance to Try Magic: Legends Open Beta!

Time to learn what this game can offer.
Time to learn what this game can offer. Arc Games

If you’re a fan of Magic: The Gathering, then you’re gonna love this news. That’s because the Open Beta for Magic: Legends is finally here. This free-to-play action RPG is set in the same multiverse as the original collectible card game.

If you’re one of those who manage to join the Open Beta, you get to take on the role of a Planeswalker and travel to five different regions. Along the way, you get to collect mana-based spells and equipment, all of which are inspired by the original game.

In Magic: Legends, players get to enjoy these features:

  • A New "Magic' Story
    • Ancient forces are making their move and it’s up to the player to get the needed power to defeat this evil.
    • Players get to meet some of the established characters in the franchise through different storylines, all of which culminate in the fight against a rather powerful villain.
  • Become a Planeswalker
    • The game allows players to use the power of mana from five starter classes, which they can switch between any time.
    • Additional classes are set to be released at a later date.
  • ​Walk Your Own Path
    • Players need to go across different planes to save the multiverse. However, they have the choice on which path to take.
  • ​Control the Chaos
    • Players need to make quick tactical decisions on the battlefield.
    • Like the original game, players need to build a deck of spells from their spell library.
  • Collect and Upgrade
    • The game offers different spells and spell pages, which when collected, result in making each spell even more powerful.
    • Players also get to use various Equipment and Artifact to synergize with their particular decks.
  • Fight Together
    • Players can take on the challenge alone or with two other friends.
    • Players can also test how good their spell decks are with the 1v1 PvP Duels.

In a press statement, Stephen Ricossa of Cryptic Studios shared that this is truly a historic moment for the studio ever since they first presented the idea for the game in 2016. He added that the team managed to come out with a game that combines strategic deck building with fast-paced combat.

Meanwhile, Perfect World Entertainment CEO Yoon Im revealed that they’re happy to see Cryptic Studios being able to bring to life an iconic franchise like Magic: The Gathering . He continued that there’s no question that Cryptic Studios managed to create something special and he’s looking forward to how players will react to the Open Beta.

If you’re interested, you can access the Open Beta for Magic: Legends through Arc Games or Epic Games Store. What are you waiting for?

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