Magic: The Gathering Reveals What's Coming To Commanders In 2020

Exciting things coming to Commander Format.
Exciting things coming to Commander Format. Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering revealed that 2020 is going to be big year for Commanders. This is in addition to the fact that Commander (2019 Edition) is on its way to becoming the most successful set of Commander decks. Since the format was first introduced back in 2011, it has become the default way for many players to play.

In a statement, Product Designer Gavin Verhey shared that they have "been paying real close attention to the format, community feedback, and how we can do more for it than ever before." So what can players expect for next year with this format?

Increased Popularity

Since this format has been launched, it has grown to incredible heights and is now one of the game's most popular formats. However, the products haven't really had the same reception. Generally one series of decks are released a year, and that's about it.

Verhey said that there should be more when it comes to Commander players, particularly more and different products. A good example of this are Brawl decks. No matter how much players play Brawl, Commanders continue to want new cards. Not just new cards, but something that can bling out their decks as well.

The Need for Reprints

The Commander format is growing, and it's growing fast. That means there is now a need to have reprints for Commander decks. It's not only older cards, though, but also ones that have been reprinted even recently.

That's not all. Players new to the Commander format are going to need access to the staples for a deck. Thus, more Commander-focused products result in more opportunities to reprint these cards. Though it's not possible to reprint everything, the ones to be released in 2020 should make players happy.

Learning about MTG

Verhey revealed that over the past few years, a lot of new players have been learning about Magic through the Commander format. For the Design Team, they have long thought that this format would be an anathema to many, especially new players. This is because of the complex interactions, the single mechanics, and even the need to keep track of tons of cards.

They have since learned that Magic doesn't work that way. Verhey said that for most players, they want to play with their friends. This means they're going to be playing what their friends are playing.

Thus, despite being complex, the Commander format is a good way to teach new players how to play since it's multiplayer, and more importantly, totally casual. Long-time players can help newbies go through the game and even hand out suggestions.

There's no question that 2020 is going to be the biggest year in Commander history and the product lineup is going to play a huge role.

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