MageQuit Introduces Sand Element To The Fight

MageQuit introduces Sand element.
MageQuit introduces Sand element. Bowlcut Studios

Wizard brawler MageQuit is introducing the new Sand element to the fight. As a powerful element in the game, Sand allows players to alter the flow of time and crush their opponents repeatedly.

While elements like Water and Fire offer a number of basic defensive and offensive choices, the Sand element brings with it something different to the battlefield, considering it lets players make use of the powers of time. For example, rather than allow your opponents to simply hurl fireballs at you, why not suspend them in the air with puppet strings? Want to keep your enemies from attacking you? Then use Cy-Clone and hit them with that one-two punch. If you're a fan of Dune then the Sand is definitely for you as it can summon a sandworm and teleport your enemies across the front lines.

MageQuit has exited Steam Early Access with the official launch expected for the third quarter of 2019. As wizards, players are given the enchanted glowing D20 staff, which allows them to make use of unique elemental spells and battle against opponents. Matches can be played with two or three teams. Players can even opt to go for the free-for-all every-mage-for-themselves beards-to-the-wall brawl.

Bowlcut Studios co-founder and developer Brett Pennings said in a press release that MageQuit was a result of the developer's passion for creating video games as well as their love for them. He added that the "sense of humor and dedication to a vision have landed us where we are with MageQuit, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this title with gamers everywhere and watch them play the game in ways we never imagined.”

Co-founder and artist Chad Pennings added that he had always wants to find ways to be feisty in games and MageQuit's unique systems and playful graphics allow players to do just that. Pennings said that they have "taken the best parts of a MOBA, created a drafting system, and combined them in such a way that MageQuit is both a hilarious party game and a competitive, think-on-your-feet challenge at the same time.”

MageQuit arrives to the Xbox One and PC this fall.

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