Mafia: Definitive Edition — 17 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage Released

Featuring developer insights from Hangar 13 president and CCO Haden Blackman.
A 17-minute gameplay walkthrough for Mafia: Definitive Edition has been dropped by 2K Games. 2K Games

Publisher 2K Games and developer Hangar 13 have just released a 17-minute gameplay video of the upcoming remake of open-world action game Mafia: Definitive Edition. The 17-minute video showcased snippets of in-game cutscenes, memorable missions, and standard gameplay while Hangar 13 president and CCO Haden Blackman provided his insights regarding the development of the classic open-world title.

In the overview provided by 2K Games, Mafia: Definitive Edition will basically see a drastic overhaul for the critically acclaimed action title from 2002. A whole new Lost Heaven will now be made from the ground up using a brand-new game engine. Other changes include an updated script, new cutscenes, and additional gameplay sequences, all while keeping the same gripping story that made it successful almost two decades ago.

Just recently, we received a remastered version of the game’s sequel, Mafia II, which mostly consists of graphical improvements. In the video, Blackman said that remaking Mafia outright by upscaling its resolution was out of the question because of the game’s age. Remaking it from the ground up was basically essential to the game’s development. These improvements include additions to the game’s combat, such as a refined shooting and cover system, which was based on the most recent Mafia III gunplay system. The same idea was implemented with the driving overhaul, with vehicles being made to feel more realistic and accurate to the 1930’s time period.

Story-wise, the most drastic changes comes from the fact that a ton of sequences have been added, voice over work has been redone, and new actors have been motion captured, which Blackman says is “liberating” in the sense that Hangar 13 can now convey the story in a much better way compared to the game’s first iteration where they were limited by technical aspects. Great examples of this are the ability to convey facial expressions and gestures more clearly to the player or audience using the game’s new engine.

Mafia: Definite Edition is set to launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on September 26.

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