Love Conquers All in DC Universe Online

Love is in the air.
Love is in the air. Dimensional Ink Games

They say Love Conquers All and it seems that DC Universe Online believes in the saying with its seasonal event. From February 4 to February 17, players can enjoy a lot of Valentine’s related content. Like every event, players get to choose whether to help the heroes or villains.

For the heroes, it’s all about the Star Sapphires. They’re dropping by in Gotham City to help rekindle any love lost. Villains also head over to Gotham City to assist Mister Freeze. Freeze has discovered what the Zamaron crystals can do and he's coming up with a plan to bring back his wife Nora.

Valentine’s Seasonal Event

To join the event, players simply need to open the map and select Love is in the Air as the destination. Heroes must talk to Hal Jordan at the Gotham East End Police Station Safehouse and visit the terminal next to Hal. After that, just look for the Daily Valentine’s Race mission “Get Your Heart Racing.” Meanwhile, villains have to look for Mister Freeze in the Gotham North Burnley Nightclub Safehouse. There’s also a terminal where players can get the mission.

It’s not limited to these two areas as players can pick the mission as well at a terminal that’s located in Northeast Metropolis near Union Station.

Then, there’s Mera who seems to be spending the special day on land. To find her, just open the Mission Journal and then choose “Sea of Love.”

Overall, players can complete seasonal missions daily during the event period and then reset it with replay badges.

It’s safe to say that the event also offers some exciting goodies. Just head over to Valentine’s Vendor to get seasonal clothing, candies, and even base items. Heroes can find the vendor at the East End Safehouse. For villains, they have to go to the North Burnley Nightclub as well as inside Mister Freeze’s Laboratory.

Finally, there’s the Violet Lantern Reward Box that can drop from any instance boss in the game for the duration of the event. It gives players a choice of the Violet Lantern Uplink Device or Henchmen Uplink Device: Violet Lanterns.

Resurgence Mega Capsule

DCUO announced as well that Resurgence is back. There are some new Mearcian Accessories along with items from past Resurgence Mega Capsules, plus one each of Time Capsules 11-19.

Resurgence Mega Capsule drops in-game after defeating any enemy and opening them with Stabilizers. It can also be purchased from the Marketplace.

Read all the details here.

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