Happy 10th Birthday DC Universe Online!

Celebrating 10 years!
Celebrating 10 years! Dimensional Ink Games

It’s time to bring out the cake and candles as we greet DC Universe Online a Happy Birthday! Actually, the game’s birthday was yesterday but the good news is the celebration lasts for the entire month. As a gift, everyone gets a free Character Advance to CR290.

That’s not all as with their starter items, players get a gear suit with the new Restored Shim'Tar Regalia style. To get the free advance, all you need to do is log in and then use it at character select or in character creation. Just remember all of these are available until January 31.

More still as players get these gifts as well:

  • The Paradox Gazer combat pet
  • Two new celebratory fireworks trinkets
  • Two new 10th anniversary emblems

DC Universe Online is a free-to-play, action-combat MMORPG released on January 11, 2011. Back then, it was offered for PC and PlayStation. Over the years, versions for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch were released.

While the game is indeed free-to-play, there is also a subscription service at $14.99 per month. Members get some Station Cash monthly within the game marketplace and even receive discounts on marketplace purchases. They also get access to exclusive promotions.

Talking about years past, here are some interesting facts from over a decade of gaming:

  • Unique Players: 27,486,054
  • Hours Played: 702,739,205
  • Characters Created: 69,143,146
    • Heroes: 66%
    • Villains: 34%
  • Style Items: 6,000+
  • Pets Owned: 1,112,472
  • Bases Created: 59,355,107
  • League Halls Created: 1,042,923
  • Iconic DC Characters: 283
  • Voice Actors & Actresses: 129
  • Mentor Popularity
    • Heroes
      • Superman: 33%
      • Batman: 21%
      • Wonder Woman: 12%
    • Villains
      • Joker: 14%
      • Circe: 11%
      • Lex Luthor: 9%
  • Top 5 Powers (By Player Count)
    • Fire: 15,795,569
    • Gadgets: 12,622,826
    • Ice: 10,342,237
    • Mental: 8,106,049
    • Sorcery: 7,731,689
  • Movement Modes (By Player %)
    • Flight: 47%
    • Super-Speed: 26%
    • Acrobatics: 26%

Exclusive for Members

Members get something extra during the month-long celebration. By simply logging-in, players can claim their special Member Appreciation Gift Box. This gift box offers:

  • The Anti Matter Neon Chroma Pack
  • Nth Metal totaling 220,000 Artifact XP
  • 1 Artifact Cache (your choice of Artifact)
  • 1 set of Artifact Catalysts
  • 1 Nth Metal Detector
  • 4 Seals of Preservation

It’s important to remember that one Gift Box is available per account.

For the period January 11 to 31, the member discount in the marketplace is increased to 20%. There’s even an additional 10% off on anything and everything players may want.

What are you waiting for? Time to celebrate!

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