Lost Castle The Old Ones Awaken DLC Patch Notes: New Levels, New Bosses, Game Optimization, And More

Lost Castle The Old Ones Awaken DLC
Lost Castle The Old Ones Awaken DLC Steam

Hunter Studio, the developer of Lost Castle, released a new DLC update for the action RPG which includes new levels, bosses, types of enemies, weapons, and also armor. The two new levels focus on the lore of Castle Harwood, with new gear to equip during the quest. You can access the new maps after defeating the bosses on levels 2 and 3.

Some general bugs have also been fixed in the latest update.

Lost Castle The Old Ones Awaken DLC Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Explore two huge new levels that expand the lore of Castle Harwood!
  • Seven new bosses to defeat including forgotten knights, mysterious kings, and creatures beyond imagining!
  • 20+ new enemy types like the mysterious Murloc’s and their powerful shamen.
  • 34 Weapons including ones better left forgotten.
  • Seven suits of Armor to enhance your might or magic.


  • "Predator" mode from daily challenge is more rational
  • A more distinct UI on weapon description board
  • The cavemen are more intelligent
  • The background music for hidden Boss is more prominent
  • Optimization for some content display
  • The ability damage for “Firecracker Spear” increased
  • Optimization for the following achievements: “Collector”, “Biologist”, “Royal treasury”


  • A bug on the weapon “Happy Chopsticks”
  • Ability cold down for Dragon series weapon
  • Text error of sacrifice
  • Player cannot acquire booms normally in “SuperBomber” mode from everyday challenge
  • Abnormal display on totem
  • The attack animation of Medusa staff
  • Damage calculation for the ability “Souls Eruption”
  • Attribute display for the armor “Nightmare Erosion”
  • Damage calculation for the ability “Life Binding”
  • A text error on weapon description
  • The toxic mushroom cannot be crushed
  • Dialog display error in multi-players mode
  • Art assets for Goblin Boss
  • Attack damage accidently reduced in “ElfsKing” mode from everyday challenge
  • Eye Monster does not spit weapon by a little chance
  • Achievement bug

So what do you think? Are you excited to play through the new DLC for Lost Castle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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