Lost Ark: Fire When Ready, the Machinist Class is Here

Rage with the Machinist Update
Rage with the Machinist Update Smilegate RPG

Do you want to play a class in Lost Ark that is armed to the teeth with high-tech guns and gadgets? Well, look no further than the Machinist - the fifth advanced class for the Gunner. Read further to learn more.

Go Pew Pew

The Machinist is a very unique class in Lost Ark because it is the only one that can transform into a very cool robot, thanks to their Hypersync ability. Aside from that, they have a drone they can use for attack and utility.

The Machinist’s skills are split into four categories. “Normal” skills are centered around the use of the Machinist’s high-tech arsenal of guns and grenades to make quick work of the enemy.

Machinist Class
Machinist Class Smilegate RPG

Drone skills are focused on using the drone in unique ways. For instance, you can use Command: Baby Drones to send small self-destructing drones to a target location.

Joint skills utilize both the Machinist’s Prowess and Drone’s capabilities. You’re going to love Annihilation Mode because you summon a drone and stand back-to-back with it as you fire at the enemy, turning 450 degrees in total and dealing damage every time you turn 90 degrees.

And lastly, Sync skills are only available once you activate Hypersync and turn into a cool-looking robot. Crimson Breaker deserves a special mention here because you develop parts to shoot a laser forward, thereby inflicting damage to foes unfortunate enough to be in the line of fire.

Machinist Class
Machinist Class Smilegate RPG

Here are the other notable skills that the Machinist has:

  • Bullet Hail: Aim forward and fire multiple times to inflict damage and partially recharge the battery. Using the skill also obtains the Reload buff.
  • Backflip Strike: Dash forward and draw your gun to inflict Damage. Use the skill again to stomp your feet and inflict Damage. Attach a powerful bomb on a foe, then do a somersault to move away. The bomb explodes after several seconds and inflicts Damage to foes around it, partially recharging the battery. Deal a dash or roll attack to enable a frontal attack and counterattack.
  • Command: M143 Machine Gun: The drone flies toward the target location while firing at foes and inflicting Damage.
  • Command: Raid Missile: The drone fires missiles at the target location and inflicts Damage, knocking down hit foes.
  • Energy Buster: Instantly summon a drone and turn it into a buster. Attach it to your arm and once charged, release the energy forward. When the buster is not fully charged, inflict Damage and paralyze the hit foe. When overcharged, inflict Damage and knock back foes.
  • Laser Blade: Generate laser blades in both hands that inflict Damage, knocking foes away. Use after Comet Strike or Thruster Move to inflict increased Damage.
  • Echelon Beam: Jump up high and shoot a laser forward to inflict Damage. Use after Comet Strike or Thruster Move to perform the skill even faster.

The Machinist is now available in Lost Ark via the Rage with the Machinist Update.

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