Lost Ark April 28 Update: Changes to Express Mission Event and Guardian Raid Event

Lost Ark
Lost Ark Smilegate

Lost Ark, the top-down MMO game by Smilegate, will receive an important update at 3 p.m. EST. The server will be down for the next five hours to make way for the April 28 patch.

The patch notes have been revealed in advance, and it included several changes to Express Mission Event and Guardian Raid Event. You can also expect a handful of bug fixes and improvements. Highlights of the patch notes are mentioned below:

Express Mission Event
  • Added a feature that allows players to change their Express Mission Event character if the T1 and T2 honing benefits from the event have not been previously used.
    • Players can only change their designated Express Mission Event character one time.
    • Please note that if a player deletes their Express Mission Event character, they will not be able to designate a new one.
  • Updated the event so that only level 50 characters with an item level below 1100 can be designated as Express Mission Event characters.
  • Updated the engravings available in the Engraving Selection Chests provided by the Express Mission Event. All engravings will now be available, and any claimed and unused selection chests will be updated retroactively to include the full selection of engravings.
  • Updated the end date shown in the Event menu to reflect the event end date of July 28.
    • Players will still need to choose a character for Express Mission Event participation before the selection period ends on June 30, but will be able to complete quests with their character until July 28.

Additional details and specifications about the changes made to improve the Express Mission Event can be found here: Update to the Express Mission Event 4.1k.

Guardian Raid Event
  • Extended the casual Guardian Raid Event to run until May 19 to support player progression ahead of the May Content Update.
  • Adjusted the reward expiration dates for items obtained through the Guardian Raid Event to reflect the new end date of May 19.
  • Updated the rewards available from the Guardian Raid Event.
    • Gem Chests have been removed in order to combat excess bot farming.
    • The following items have been added to the weekly reward pool:
      • Legendary - Rare Card Pack (3)
      • Regulus’ Light Currency Chest (1)
      • Uncommon Class Engraving Chest (10)
      • Uncommon Combat Engraving Chest (10)
      • Rare Class Engraving Chest (10)
      • Rare Combat Engraving Chest (10)
      • Epic Class Engraving Chest (10)
      • Epic Combat Engraving Chest (10)

The complete changelog is available on the official site.

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