Looks Like Blackpink is Coming To PUBG Mobile

Royale Pass Season 15 is here.
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Look who's coming to your area?
Look who's coming to your area? Tencent

PUBG Mobile sent out a tease in its social media accounts with what appears to be a future collaboration. The teaser photo showed a female in back with pink hear and reflective sunglasses. A lot of people speculated that it could be none other than Lalisa Manoban, better known as Lisa of Blackpink. However, subsequent posts have shown that it may not just be Lisa, but could be the entire group.

There’s no confirmation yet as to what this collaboration is all about. Is Blackpink going to be part of the game or are they simply going to be holding an in-game performance like what Fortnite has been doing?

Regardless of what it’s going to happen, two things appear to be clear: The first is that it’s sure to excite the Blinks out there and could entice them to try out PUBG Mobile. That would be good news for PUBG Mobile as it means new players. Looking at the initial reactions to the social media posts though, the second thing is that it doesn’t appear to be well-received by many current players. Comments mainly focus on why PUBG Mobile is going for a collaboration instead of fixing the different bugs present in the game.

Season 15

In addition to this tease, PUBG Mobile also released Royale Pass Season 15. Dubbed as “Beyond A.C.E.,” it allows players to unlock eight brand-new costumes that they can then use to customize their characters. The new season is also going to offer different in-game challenges that come with special themed rewards.

The new season also means some improvements to PUBG Mobile, like the partial user interface. Bookmarks have been relocated with players now able to browse through both leveled and unpurchased rewards. That’s not all, as players can now also buy vouchers directly in the voucher window. RP points obtained between season are now converted immediately to ordinary point cards.

Finally, some upgrades were made to the subscription options, which include:

  • Plus Subscription rewards can now be redeemed for three 300UC Vouchers rather than one 900UC Voucher.
  • New notifications have been added for RP point redemption.
  • An RP subscriptions video is now available, along with monthly price details.

So which one are you more excited about? The new season, or the possible collab? While you're thinking about it, try getting some "Ice Cream" and go "chillin' chillin'" in the meantime.

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