Looking Back At 10 Years Of Angry Birds

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! Rovio

Ten years ago, on December 11, the world was first introduced to Angry Birds. Released through the iOS App Store, everyone got to learn more about this flock that would continue to be present on app stores even to today. Back then, nobody expected this game to grow and become an entertainment brand that would give rise to billions of licensed products sold and even two animated films.

As part of the mobile game industry, Angry Birds was considered an early example of the platform's subsequent mass adoption. In addition, its instantly fun gameplay would become the model for the kinds of experiences players would take to on the then emerging mobile platform. Ten years and 4.5 billion downloads later, the franchise shows no sign of slowing down.

Here are some other quick facts that of interest about Angry Birds:

  • Over 4.5 billion downloads of Angry Birds mobile games to date, and counting.
  • First mobile game (original Angry Birds) to reach 1 billion downloads.
  • Most remote location on Earth where Angry Birds games have been downloaded: Antarctica, with a whopping 9 downloads to date.
  • First mobile game to be played in space.
  • Over 1.8 billion Angry Birds consumer products sold.

For over a decade, these birds have managed to keep their impassioned resolve and even developed a reputation for using their trademark anger for good. Whether it's championing causes like fighting climate change, protecting threatened species, helping disabled gamers play, or even helping families cope with pediatric cancer, there's no question that Angry Birds have lent their anger to good causes whenever possible.

Use anger for good.
Use anger for good. Rovio

This is why last month Angry Birds launched the “Bring the Anger” anniversary celebration. Angry Birds unveiled Rage Riders, a fleet of anger-powered scooters, and deployed them to content creators around the world. With these, Rovio hoped influencers would be able to share the message of transforming anger into something useful. After this, there was an event in New York’s Times Square which featured a vending machine that only accepted anger as payment, known as The Venting Machine. With the assistance of WWE superstar The Big Show, passersby were able to deposit their rage into the machine and earn fun prizes along the way.

However, this is a real world celebration. To bring the celebration to the games, an in-game event in Angry Birds 2 had players show their support by popping as many pigs as they could. The goal was to pop ten billion pigs, and after the event Angry Birds will donate $100,000 to UNICEF’s Education in Emergencies fund. This fund supports education for children living in conflict zones and other emergencies across the globe. That goal has since been broken.

Help the children.
Help the children. Rovio

Rovio CEO Kati Levoranta said in a statement that the game has become a phenomenon that has gone way beyond what anyone was expecting. She added that for the Bring the Anger campaign, it was "the perfect extension of the commitment to good causes that Angry Birds has shown over the years." This wasn't only an example of the game's good works, and that players are the ones responsible for the game's success. She went on to say that it was "fans that have gotten Angry Birds to this point, and we will spend the next years continuing to create the kinds of amazing game and entertainment experiences fans have come to expect."

Still on Angry Birds birthday news, the K-Swiss x Angry Birds limited edition footwear, which has two colorways inspired by the game’s most beloved characters, has officially been released. The birds have also appeared in PUBG Mobile as part of the latest in-game update. Players also get the chance to access Angry Birds crossover items, enjoy a themed mini-game and win rewards by completing missions in an Angry Birds Adventure event.

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