Angry Birds GO! Turbo Edition Available Exclusively For Hatch

New version exclusive for the Hatch.
New version exclusive for the Hatch. Hatch

Angry Birds GO! Turbo Edition is available to play exclusive on Hatch. The game is a Hatch Original title and is the latest version of one of the most downloaded kart games in the world. Hatch is a cloud gaming service that is designed for mobile devices. Streamed through Hatch, players get to experience a unique and thrilling racing game on mobile like never before.

At the heart of this game is an all new real-time multiplayer mode that offer players the chance to compete against friends, family, and online rivals from across the globe. The game can be streamed from any Android device as easily as a movie or TV show, whether on 5G, 4G/LTE, or WiFi. Players can compete with up to four other players from anywhere, anytime, truly a first for Angry Birds GO!

Features of Angry Birds GO! Turbo Edition include:

  • ENJOY MULTIPLAYER MADNESS - race, clash and compete in real-time against four players
  • PLAY ANYWHERE - Hatch delivers an incredible gaming experience across 5G Android devices and Android TV, as well as WiFi and 4G/LTE under good network conditions
  • ACCESS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - once Hatch is downloaded from Google Play (or the Samsung Galaxy Store in Korea), immerse yourself in Angry Birds GO! Turbo Edition with no additional cost or in-game purchases
  • CLIMB THE LEADERBOARDS AND WIN FANTASTIC PRIZES - race your way to the top of the leaderboard and win some amazing prizes
  • USE SPECIAL POWERS - smash and crash opponents off the road and cross the finish line first thanks to the unique and special powers of each character
  • UPGRADE YOUR RIDE - compete to earn rewards to revamp your ride, and be crowned one of the best racers
  • ALL NEW CHARACTERS COMING SOON - stay tuned for surprises

In a statement, Hatch Founder and CEO Juhani Honkala said that having to stream the latest version of Angry Birds GO! exclusively for Hatch is a truly exciting moment. People are sure to love this new version, he added, especially with the "thrilling multiplayer races with your friends and family to the chance to dominate leaderboards and win real life prizes - we're giving fans of the classic game a totally fresh experience while introducing a new audience to one of the most popular kart games ever."

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