Lineage 2: Revolution Introduces New Capture The Flag Mode

Lineage 2: Revolution introduces Capture the Flag.
Lineage 2: Revolution introduces Capture the Flag. NetMarble

Lineage 2: Revolution released an update allowing players access to Capture the Flag, its newest PvP battlefield mode. This addition comes just a few weeks after the game launched a Battle Royale game mode.

The latest mode is set in the Honorable Battlefield area where heroes need to run to the center of the map and, well, "Capture the Flag" in order to beat opponents who also want to claim the flag for themselves. Those with the flag get points, and more points are awarded the longer the flagbearers have control of the flag. Heroes can win the match by earning the most amount of points for rewards. This includes a new currency to use with Pan’s Capture the Flag Coin Exchange Shop.

It's not just about the new mode, since the update also brings with it these new features:

  • Server Merges
    • Netmarble is merging Lineage 2: Revolution servers within its respective regions (excluding Oceania) to ensure a smoother co-op experience and dynamic competition between players.
  • New Field Boss
    • The strongest and most powerful Field Boss, Komavor, is now free for players to conquer. Players that overcome Komavor’s high health and poisonous attacks will receive many rewards upon his defeat.
  • New Elixirs
    • Four new elixirs that increase the Evasion, Accuracy, Critical, and Critical Resistance, are now available for players to create. Players can earn the required ingredients in the Extraction Pit.
  • Accessory System Changes
    • Players can now equip up to ten unique accessories in order to further empower themselves against foes.

The update also introduces two new limited time events:

  • Hide and Seek Event
    • Monsters have snuck into the land of Aden to disturb the celebration of our second-year anniversary festival! Find these hidden monsters and save our festival!
    • Events ends July 18
    • Heroes can participate in the Hide and Seek Event five times per day. At the end of each round, you will be returned back to the field and after the break, you will be able to join the next round. Even if you didn't participate in Round One, you can still participate in the next round.
  • Slot Machine Event
    • The Slot Machine Event is once again here in celebration of our second year anniversary! Collect Slot Machine Coins and spin the Slot Machine to win awesome rewards!
    • Event ends July 18
    • Slot Machine Coins can be obtained through
      • Herb Extraction: 1 slot machine coins
      • Auto-Clear Tower of Insolence: 5 slot machine coins
      • Clear the Equipment dungeon: 5 slot machine coins
      • Clear the Adena dungeon: 5 slot machine coins
      • Clear the summoning stone dungeon: 5 slot machine coins
      • Clear the Exp. dungeon: 5 slot machine coins
      • Clear the Temporal Rift: 5 slot machine coins
    • Slot Machine Rewards are:
      • Grade SR Attribute Stone (common)
      • Recipe Selection Box (Normal/Rare)
      • Grade SR Mystical Elixir Summon Box
      • Blessed Scroll Bundle
      • Maphr's Protection
      • AP Potion
      • Elixir Essence Scroll Bundle
      • Normal enhancement Scroll Bundle
      • Main Profession Essence Selection Box
      • Herb Bundle
      • Grade R Varnish Selection Box
      • 10,000 Adena box
      • Soulshot (100)

Powered by the Unreal Engine, Lineage 2: Revolution brings top-quality visuals along with a massive open-world and large-scale PvP to the mobile platform. This groundbreaking MMORPG allows a maximum of 200 players to battle in real time.

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