Lineage II Turns 15, Grants Players In-Game Buffs and Boosts

This month, one of the pioneers of the MMO genre celebrates its 15th Anniversary.
Lineage II celebrates its 15th Anniversary with tons of in-game bonuses.
Lineage II celebrates its 15th Anniversary with tons of in-game bonuses. NCSoft

Officially, Lineage II’s 15th Anniversary will be on April 28, but celebrations start today! Starting April 17, Lineage II players can take part in the many festivities, in-game events, and bonuses surrounding the 15th birthday of one of the MMORPG titles that started it all.

Although titles like World of Warcraft, Everquest, and even NCSoft’s own original Lineage MMO were around much earlier than Lineage II, it was this 2004 title that helped get the genre rolling, especially in Asia. Korea-based game development company NCSoft has released quite a few video game titles over the years, most of which were aimed at an Asian market. It’s most recent entry, Blade and Soul, also made waves as an exciting new action MMORPG - building up traditional MMO mechanics with new and improved action-oriented gameplay.

In the video game industry, a lot can happen in a year. Some game development studios open up shop only to close a month after, and then there are the absolute greats like Blizzard Entertainment, which have been at the top of the industry since it was founded in 1991 (28 years ago!). Still, in this day and age, for a gaming company to make it to five years is an achievement. For it to reach the 10-year milestone is spectacular. NCSoft’s pioneer MMORPG, Lineage II, will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year, to much accolade and excitement.

In celebration of its 15th Anniversary, Lineage II dev NCSoft has some exciting in-game bonuses planned for its fans. From April 17 to April 28, players receive server-wide buffs and prizes to reward them for their dedication and commitment to the game over the years. Included in the bonuses are Oriana’s Lucky Draw, which is an RNG-based reward system that grants players tons of in-game bonuses. Moreover, the active server buffs allow players to earn more in-game currency and more XP throughout the event. While the buffs are active, players will also be able to teleport for free, lose no XP upon death, and more. The Anniversary Celebration buffs will be present in both the classic and the current versions of Lineage II.

Despite being 15 years old, Lineage II is still alive and kicking. Lineage II: Revolution brought the title to the mobile platform, and almost overnight became one of the most successful mobile games in history. In fact, fans of the franchise are anticipating quite a few content releases as well as a possible announcement regarding further expansions or content drops. Lineage II still enjoys an active player base of an estimated 200k unique players around the world.

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