Lightning Dice: What Is It, How to Play It and How to Win At It

Lightning Dice: What Is It, How to Play It and How to Win At It
Lightning Dice: What Is It, How to Play It and How to Win At It Unsplash

Evolution Gaming has a reputation for creating world-class casino games, and it has taken the tag to the next level with the introduction of Lightning Dice. Instead of following the tried and tested video slot strategy, Lightning Dice is a live casino game , which adds another dimension to the gameplay.

The demand for the game is impossible to ignore. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you want to get going as soon as possible. Before you can, it’s important to understand the fundamentals so that you get the most from your experience. With that in mind, here’s what to take into consideration before getting started.

What Is It?

Lightning Dice is a live casino game. What does that mean? It means the service has all the elements of an online slot machine with a couple of tweaks. For example, the live stream is fed back to your device, enabling you to participate from the comfort of your home. Also, an operator manually drops the dice into a machine, so there is a human element. Think of it like live casino poker or blackjack. The live feed from the studio makes it feel as if you’re on a casino floor enjoying the action.

Thanks to the slot features, there are several things you’ll recognise, especially if you play online casino games regularly. Lightning Dice’s RTP ranges from 96.03% to 96.21% and it includes a multiplier of 1,000x your stake. The lowest base multiplier is 5x, potentially making this offering worth your while.

How to Play It

Playing Lightning Dice is pretty straightforward because the host does most of the heavy lifting. Your job is to select your stake and estimate the total number on the dice. It's that simple! Some variations do exist, such as the fact that certain combinations pay more than others. For example, the three or 18 bets trigger the biggest multiplier. Bets ten and 11 have the smallest multiplier, but you can attach a 50x multiplier if you’re lucky.

When the host releases the dice into the tower, you should watch out for lightning strikes since they activate the multipliers when they randomly hit the numbers. The key is to be a quick thinker as you only get seconds to decide the sum total of the numbers on the dice. Don’t procrastinate, because you will lose your opportunity to take on the Lightning Dice tower!

How Can I Win Playing Lightning Dice?

Wanting to win when you play casino games is natural. Of course, the fact that you need to rely on an element of luck means there are zero guarantees. All you can do is try and boost your chances. Figuring out how to win at Dice isn’t easy, yet these tips can help you potentially walk away from your session as a winner.

Take the Probability into Account

Every bet number has a probability of appearing, with some appearing more regularly than others since they have more winning combinations. They are less lucrative pound-for-pound, but at least you have less chance of losing. By placing bets on sums with high probabilities, your budget should stretch further.

Always Bet on Three & 18

That being said, you don’t want to miss out on a 1,000x multiplier. If you do, you’ll never forgive yourself! Therefore, it’s savvy to place wagers on the numbers three and 18 showing up all the time. The probability is low, but the numbers have to show up at some point.

Check the Previous Winning Dice

The winning dice numbers are shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If the high probability numbers are constantly landing, that suggests that they could well do so again.

All that’s left to do is to play Lightning Dice!

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